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    I was just shooting with my dad's Marlin model 70p .22 and I became curious when I found that I couldn't hit a target at about 110 yards, with a little Kentucky Windage. It's just a bean can, actually. But right after that I took my bolt action Savage Mark II and put the same windage on it, and hit it square on. Does the Marlin 70p have a shorter range than other .22's? Thanks.
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    No, but your Savage has a longer one. Most utility grade 22 LRs are 50 yd rifles. At 100 yds, bullet is dropping back to subsonic, starts to yaw, accuracy heads for toilet. One is a lightweight auto with a barrel retained by a nut that loosens up, the other a heavier target grade rifle. Same reason your moped will not pull your popup camper very well. Not made to do that.

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    "Does the Marlin 70p have a shorter range than other .22's?"
    Basically all 22 rifles have the same range as the 22 LR reaches max velocity in about 16" of barrel. Some are more accurate than others. And one might like a certain brand of ammo and another might not like it.
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    As above, you gotta make sure that barrel nut is tight, and the action/stock screws are Snug/unmoving.

    Also, check the crown with a magnifying glass...a dinged up crown can cause all sorts of issues...

    Marlin's Microgroove barrels are know for better-than-average precision, so take a look at CCI Minimags & Federal Automatch,
    they're known to be more reliable...AVOID Remington Golden Bullet at all costs...they truly suck great big gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts.

    The thing about Microgroove barrels is the lands & grooves, while more numerous, are the fatter or jacketed bullets work best.
    Once you find the right ammo, and check the crown for issues, it should lay 'em in for quarter-sized or smaller groups at 50 yards,
    and pop cans at 100 should be no problem at all.

    Also, if you have a scope on it, (hopefully Not a TASCO), watch for Scope Creep...those 3/8" rail mounts are known for sliding backwards...