Marlin Model 60s

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    Twenty years or more go ,I think, I bought a used Marlin 60 for maybe 40.00.
    Prior to that I had a Marlin Glenfield model 60, that was stolen in 1976.
    this one had some minor rust on barrel. i thought I had cleaned it up.
    Got it out today for first time since way back then.
    Rust seemed worse, I took it apart and it never had been cleaned since before I bought it. Bad on me.
    I used a small brass brush and and lube on the rust and then Flitz in more lube. It's not perfect but won't notice it except upon real close examination.
    The bluing is really deep on this gun. It wasn't faded or anything after working on the rust. Really surprised me.
    I had though these guns had a lot of plastic in them.
    Nope the trigger assembly or trigger guard is metal as everyone else knew.
    It's a limited edition 6079. Still not worth much.
    The stock has been redone and not too bad. Broom handles always look like broom handles.
    The front sight has a little of the paint or other rubbed off on it and some where they had slid a scope into the groove on the receiver.
    What has anyone used to touch up or refinish the sight and receiver?
    I wonder if anyone makes a walnut stock for these guns and steel front sight?
    This might be the wrong forum so scoot it Mod if it is.
    The guns shoots accurately.
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    Great, underrated little rifle. The old Marlin company really made a quality product before being bought by Remington in 2008. Thanks to that handy tube mag, you could go out in the woods and have fun all day with just your rifle and a pocketful of cartridges.

    Not to give you a runaround, but I think the experts who can best help you will be found at or the Marlin section of

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    after reading that it took me a minute to un bury the question. there are lots of companies that make after market stocks for the mod 60. and because of this there are lots of original stocks for sale on places like gunbroker, amazon, and ebay.. do some searching.. as for the front not positive buts its possible thats on those websites as well.
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    Back in 1990 Id bought a model 60 as a box of parts for $20, new ctg lifter spring and inner mag tube had this old brush gun in shape.
    this particular rifle had the cheek rest whittled away into a very pronounced dish in the stock, perfect for shooting out here in Arctic as it allowed you to wear you fur hat while shooting, in the case of its heavy use almost all the blueing was gone as well as 40% the black finish on the receiver.
    At the time it seemed best to paint it, so I used the high temperature exhaust paint and gave it a white cammo paint job, same with the stock, in the end for valentines gift my wife stitched up a white canvas gun chap for it.
    with sling attached it was just great for fox and ptarmigan.