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    so i got one of these yesterday and went to the range this morning to check it out. tried 3 different types of ammo that i had laying around to see how versatile it would be.

    first i shot 26 rounds of federal 38 gr copper plated hp bulk stuff. fed and fired every single time.

    next 26 rounds of bitterroot valley 36 gr hv hp. horrible. 6 times it failed to eject the empty casing. guess the gun doesn't like this stuff. this ammo is not really all over the place here anyway, i just have some because my little .22 semi auto pistol likes it the best(works perfectly in that gun) and i can get it at gun shows around here. so no big deal there.

    next i shot 50 rounds of eley sport standard velocity 40 gr stuff. fed and fired every time.

    that was the first target, which i don't have a pic of. it was raining today so not all my targets were savable to take home and photograph. but you didn't miss much. i was pretty much just aiming at the center and testing how each type fed and fired. i did notice they were going low so i clicked the rear sight up one and they started going more towards the center of the target.

    after i finished the feed tests i had 24 rounds of usable ammo (the rest of the federal) and 24 rounds of non usable (the bv stuff) so i shot the 24 usable rounds into another target to test accuracy.

    here's how i did at 50 yards at 40 degrees f in the light pacific northwest rain:


    it seems at 50 yards poi is about 1-11/2 inches right when aimed dead center. when i started aiming a bit to the left they were more centered. i wasn't going for pinpoint accuracy, just trying to see how it shot with the iron sights. it's not bad. pretty consistent just like it is, but i'll probably end up getting some kind of cheap scope for it so i can have click adjustments.

    all in all, a good little plinker for 150 bucks. in know there is that debate about this gun vs. the ruger 10/22 and all, and i'm not really taking a side here. i just wanted an inexpensive little plinker that i wouldn't have to do too much to so i can hit minute of pop can and maybe a squirrel or two with cheap ammo.

    i think for an average shooter like myself this gun fits the bill.
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    The model 60 is a great rifle, it will do the job. :cool:

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    I wont turn this into a 10/22 bash but my model 60 will group .5in at 50 all day long and the tube mag is a dream to load.
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    I heart my M60!

    Shoot it and enjoy the quality time with her!
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    GlenField Mod. 60

    Man you Guys know how to rub it in. I still debating weather are not to spend the money on mine. The one I bought 10 years ago for $40.00 was not in perfect condition. When you shoot 5,ooo plus rounds, plus what was shot before I got this Awsome 60. It's hard to just let it go. I cringe when I see the targets you all post. I shot mostly @ 100 yards With iron sites and put 98% inside a 3" circle. At 30 yards you can put every round inside a dime. This is one in a thousand when it comes to accuracy. Before I can spend money on guns and ammo I need New Glasses, thats a set back of $350 plus. Thanks Wills in da swamp in La. One Shot One Kill.
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    Have to agree with the post above. My Marlin 60 is a dead accurate shot. Fun to shoot and cheaply too
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    Not sure if this is the correct place too ask this...

    What wood is used on modern Marlin 60's. Their web site says laminate wood, but I've read that some are birch??

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    Perhaps it is laminated birch? Or do you guys have laminate trees? :D
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    I have a Model 60 and a 10/22. There is no need to argue. They are both excellent guns. I would not hesitate to use either one.
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    The 60 i just bought a month ago is birch I believe. there are also laminate stocks but mine is just solid birch.