Marlin Model 60 or Ruger 10/22? Prons/Cons?

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  1. Alex2455

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    Hi everyone

    I've been reading this forum, and there are plenty of separate posts on Ruger 10/22s and Marlin Model 60s but none that really show the pros/cons.

    I know the Ruger is more customizable, but does that mean that the Model 60 has no attachments or is there simply less?

    What about price? Theres no point to buying a Ruger 10/22 that breaks the bank so that I can't customize it. That would ruin the point, right?

    So basically, I'd like to know the pros-and-cons comparison of the Ruger 10/22 side by side with a Marlin Model 60 or 79. Such as accuracy, price, customization, quality, ammo, along those lines.


  2. PTsouthpaw

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    I own both a Ruger 10/22 and Marlin 795. The 795 uses the same action as the Marlin 60, but uses detachable 10 round magazines instead of the tube magazine. Both guns are great out of the box with accuracy, but both triggers leave something to be desired.

    The Ruger is definitely the more customizable option. There are aftermarket parts available for every single part of the 10/22, so you can actually build one with no Ruger parts if desired. If you buy a factory rifle and decide to customize it, you can save the parts and eventually have enough to reassemble the factory rifle. With customization comes price. The Ruger is not incredibly expensive, at just over $200. The 10/22 can become expensive if you decide to customize, but that is up to you. Warning: it can be addicting!

    The Marlin definitely does not have as many aftermarket options. There are a few options for stocks, but not much else. The lack of custom options is not to be taken as a negative- if its not broke don't fix it. The Marlin 60 action is a time proven winner, and doesn't need much. Remember that with the 60 you will be restricted to your tube magazine, and with the 795 there are only 10 round magazines available.

    I like both of these guns. My 10/22 is customized and scoped. My Marlin has Tech Sights. Either one is a great choice, so I don't understand when people start bashing the one they don't prefer.

  3. CourtJester

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    Both great guns that shoot pretty much the same. Only real difference is just what PTsouthpaw said about building up the 10/22. my 10/22 is about 10 years old and I've spent a ton on it. The stocks, three barrels, all kinds of little tid-bits. It's fun building it up though and as stated. It is addictive.
    Both great shooters though.
  4. Rick1967

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    I have both. I love both. The 10/22 is customizable. The 60 is really not. There is a reloading tool on cheaper than dirt and midwayusa. It holds a bunch of 22 lr in tubes so that you can reload almost as fast as someone with a magazine. The tool reloads some thing like 6 times. So if you have less than six mags the 60 would actually be faster.

    I really don't think a person could go wrong with either rifle.
  5. 007BondJamesBond007

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    I got the Marlin 795 stock out the box was amazingly accurate. The Barrel 18" with Micro-Groove® rifling (16 grooves). Twist Rate 1:16" r.h. is the secret to the accuracy. It did need a break in to feed the cheap Wally World Federal bulk ammo. After 300 rounds it was chewing and spitting the rounds with no FTF. It shoots a real tight groups I chew one real nice 1" hole in the center at 50'. I feel the Ruger is not as good as the Marlin but still a great shooter. The Ruger is more finicky ammo wise, you need to keep it clean. One thing is you get more Tacicool stuff with the ruger. I am talking stock Marlin and stock Rugers. I have own three Marlin 22's and one 336 30/30 and all been great shooters. I never owned a Ruger 22 rifle but shot allot of them I liked them and will buy one in the future. I do have a Ruger Single Six 22lr 22 WMR that is a great shooter which I feel is more accurate with the magnum cylinder.

  6. cpttango30

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    10/22's are like chevy small blocks everyone has had one and everything has already been done to one.
  7. Alex2455

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    Tube Mag

    Thanks everyone, gotten some good info. I think I'm going to get a Marlin.

    Now the question is: Model 60 or 795? SS or Blued? Wood or Synthetic?

    Are these simply aesthetic or are their performance qualities I need to consider?

    And is the tube fed magazine good? Or is it worth it to get the clip based 795?
  8. Gordo323

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    I bought a SS synthetic a few years ago, purely for aesthetics when I bought it, but have found the stainless does not rust easily, and the laminate stock does not scratch as easily as the wood .
    The tubular magazine holds 14 rounds and loads very quickly, just make sure the guide rod is installed and locked as that is the only time mine has failed to feed , when I didn’t have it locked and it started sliding out. My stupid mistake not the guns fault:)
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