Marlin model 3084s 30-30 lever action

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    Does any one know what they are worth?
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    Welcome to ftf. From what I was able to find it looks like it is a commemorative rifle made in 1984. It is basically the same as a model 30as and carries roughly the same value if not slightly less due to actually being made by Oklahoma tire and supply Co. Hope this helps I'm not into commemorative guns.

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    You have what is referred to as a "Store Brand" gun. These were made by Marlin, Winchester, Mossberg, Savage, Stevens and other gun manufacturer's at different(same) times in history for many stores like Sears, Montgomery Wards, JCPenny, Western Auto and other Mom-n-Pop owned stores, to their specifications and selling points of that given store when stores like this were in existence and able to sell guns and ammo. You'll find that they have the same exterior and interior made parts of their cross-reference counterpart manufactured guns. However to get them cheaper, they sometimes, depending on time period, had things like hardwood stocks instead of Walnut, no hooded front site, capped front forearm instead of barrel band, and other differences, that made them just as good, but able to sell cheaper for those stores and clients who didn't have as much money or able to get to large cities where the Manufacturers had their gun dealers set up. The biggest Store Brand of Marlin's, was Glenfield which I'm sure you've heard of. I have such a rifle made by Marlin for Montgomery Wards. It's a 1965 WesternField 30-30 and it's a great shooter in prestine condition. As to worth. It depends on where you live and condition of gun, but most sell(less) between $150 to $300 only because they don't have the Marlin(Winchester, Savage, etc) name.