Marlin model 25 help!

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    Hey guys, Their is a marlin model 25 at the local pawn shop, its definitely used but not beaten up too bad. They had it listed at 150, but it has sat for a while so now its 100. What would be a decent price for me to get this gun at? and is this a good gun for a beginner?
  2. c3shooter

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    Assuming you mean the bolt action Model 25 (back at the dawn of time, early 1900s, there WAS another Model 25)

    It would be a good first rifle. Basic, hunting quality, accurate, simple, reliable. In good condition, NOT missing the magazine, $100 would be a fair price. Offer $90 CASH and see if he geeks.

    Easy rifle to scope with a decent scope. Will shoot as well as you can out to 50 yards.

  3. big shrek

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    There are actually 3 model 25's...
    The Model 25 Slide-action (pump) repeater, 1909-1910, rare as hen's teeth, worth around $400 in 90%+ condition...

    The Model 25 (also 20/80/780) with the curved box-style magazine...1940-1965
    (Detrhoyt's rifle)

    and the Model 25N which has the Modern Stick-mag...1984-1988 followed by the 880/925/980/xt22

    The first two can't be modded much...and pretty much shouldn't be...the 20/25/80/780 can trade stocks & some components, that's about it...
    the 25N shares parts & stocks with the modern 880/925/980/XT22, so you can go wild on those with modern gear!!
    Difference between the 25n/880/925/980/XT22?? The stocks & triggers were upgraded as time went by...that's it.

    All of 'em tend to shoot tiny little groups, so any way you go, it'll be worth it!!
    For $100, either bolt action will be well worth it!! But try to haggle 'em down to $80 anyway ;)
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    $100 would be a fair price if everything is there, you won't lose money on it. I've got a 25 and I love it., accurate, fun to shoot and mine eats anything.