Marlin Mod. 925 M, 22 WRM Rifle

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    A friend of mine, who is 76 but seems more like 50, purchased a Marlin 22 WRM bolt rifle about two weeks ago and brought it to me to install an old cheap Japanese 3 to 9 power scope that I gave him came over today with CCI ammo for me to site it in. When I installed the scope on the see through mounts he bought I pulled the bolt and looked back and forth through the barrel and the scope until I got the cross hairs lined up on the top of a fence post about 100 yards away. Today I shot a rock that was about three inches in diameter about 100 yards away, I couldn't believe how right on I had the scope, three shots fired all within two inches of each other. Then I shot at a piece of bark one inch wide at the same distance and hit it. If I ever buy a 22 rifle I would definately consider a Marlin, Wal-Mart price $197 comes with two magazines, a 5 round and a 7 round.
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    I did almost the exact same thing for a friend of mine this past summer. He didn't have the time to get the new 925M zeroed, so I did it for him with a 100 yard zero. I then ran some numbers for him at 150 and 200 yards for starting points with his Tasco 6-24x42 Mil-Dot scope.

    I was very impressed with the 925M, and would probably own one if the ammo wasn't so darn expensive. Great rifle IMHO!:)