Marlin mod 1898 shotgun

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    I have a 1898 model 12 ga shotgun. I sent it to a smith to do a complete restoration. I have located and purchased all internal parts,bought a stock from the supplier. When I had it restored, it was done so in such a manor that several individuals(collectors) thought it was an original. It was reblued but was done in such a fashion that the blue is light in certain areas and very thin in others. The weapon had no pits but when racked back to feed a shell the hammer would fall into the half cock position. The weapon has an 18in barrel with a nice new/old stock stock and is the take down version. The weapon will not be fired but according to the smith will shoot standard 2 3/4
    standard shells. It originally came with a wood piston grip stock instead of a straight stock, which was common on a 24in barrel while the pistol grip stock was on the 18in version. This weapon reminds me of the Old Winchester model, therefore it has a place in the safe next to a old Winchester version. I have taken chunks of flesh out of my right hand due to the hammer/slide eating me up. This weapon turned out great.