Marlin-Glenfield Model 60

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  1. Westy

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    Any other model 60 owners out there? I was at the range a week or two ago with my son to get him acquainted with firearm safety and was trying to get my model 60 firing but it wouldn't load from the tube. All I had was HP's and I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with loading HP's. It's been so long since I shot it I really don't remember!

    I haven't tried it again since I gave it a good cleaning.
  2. woodsong

    woodsong New Member

    No problems with hollow points here.

  3. illbfrank

    illbfrank New Member

    I have an older Model 60 that holds 18 rounds in the tube, with the longer barrel (22"?) Mine has always functioned well with HP's, but with 22 rimfire being particularly dirty stuff, I clean the rifle every once in a while. I bet a good cleaning will resolve this issue for you. I have put mine in a Fiberforce type stock, and have lashed a pouch on the stock that carries a couple hundred spare rounds on board. Also lashed to the stock is a Buck skinning knife with guthook, and several home made speed loaders are strapped to the barrel. I make the speed loaders from used up aluminum arrows. Plug one end, cut to length for 18 rounds, attach a cap with a cord to the shaft, and it's a 30 second reload. This will be my bug out critter gitter. I have other choices for two legged vermin, and a side arm for concealment. The whole rifle has been camoflaged, and the pouch, knife, and speed loaders are as well. For what it weighs, it's a lot of capability. With the micro-groove barrel, it shoots accurately too. I have a camo version of a Ruger 1022 for my wife, but the 60 will shoot a little farther well. I carry a variety of ammo, from Colibri SSS with 60 grain pill (looks like a long bullet on a short case) to Federal, Wildcat, Remington CB caps, and the 20 grain Colibri that uses only the primer (no powder) that are so quiet that you only hear the click of the trigger/hammer. They won't reach far, but up close will easily kill grouse/chicken/tree rats/rabbits @ 25 yds with a head shot. They will not cycle the rifle, but I hand cycle the action, and always check the bore if I don't see evidence of a bullet strike at the target. I know they are made for use in pistols, but I have yet to have any that did not exit the bore, though I have shot less than 100 of them. They have their uses in my bag of tricks.
  4. user4

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    Had probs with HPs before. The Model 60 appears to be fairly finicky with ammo. There's a lot of crappy ammo out there.
  5. illbfrank

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    Maybe because my old Model 60 is one of the older ones, I haven't had many issues with it being finicky with HP's or any other cheap, bulk ammo. The only time I have had issues were when the rifle's action was gummed up with a lot of crud from being shot a lot without cleaning. I have to clean my 1022 Rugers every once in a while too, to keep them reliable. I have heard of some others having reliability issues with their Model 60's. Maybe I just got lucky with mine. I only gave $80 for it, so I expected to have to do some cleaning with it. I have had issues with other 22 rifles, but not my 60. 22 ammo is notoriously dirty and leaves a lot of deposits in the actions. I have found some videos and other tips at and they have helped me in understanding different actions. Some of the tips offered there have also been helpful in keeping reliability issues at a minimum. Hope you can get your 60 running smooth. My 60 is the most accurate semi 22 that I have. i have a Anshutz blt action with a 4X Leupold compact scope that will shoot just a tad better, but for $80, I am well-pleased with my old 60.
  6. Steve65

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    My model 60 is at least 30 years old and will shoot 36 gr HP or 40 grain lead just fine -- any brand. Only when it gets dirty after several hundred rounds does it sometimes fail to eject a spent round. Very accurate gun -- it was on sale at K-Mart for $50!!!!
  7. steve666

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    I've had my my Model 60 since the early '70's. It's one of the long tube ones. It has always chugged merrily along with whatever ammo I shoved into it. Of course, I was brought up to be a compulsive gun cleaner so it has been cleaned and lubed after every expedition.
  8. robocop10mm

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    It depends on the ammo. Some of the truncated cone hollowpoint (Yellow Jacket type) tends to be probelmatic with several different auto loading rimfires. The rounded profile stuff (CCI) tends to feed well in any of my semi-autos (10-22, Marlin 60, Walther G-22).
  9. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    The Model 60 is anything but picky. I've had 5. They run anything.
  10. HKSlinger

    HKSlinger Member

    Ive NEVER owned one that wouldn't jam after 2 or 3 rounds. Clean or not. Talk about a model I would never depend on, that's it. Got rid of the last one and never looked back. Life's too short and there's better guns out there.
  11. masterPsmith

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    The older Mod. 60 was notorious for feed problems. When they worked, the worked great. When the old model started to have feed problems, it required replacement of the feedthroat with the new feedthtroat conversion kit. But, it did not always correct the problem. Some old Mod. 60s would just never feed 100% once they started having feed problems. I have probably repaired over 100 of them over the years. Clean it the best you can and lube it well and try different types of ammo. When you clean it, use a good spray cleaner for the fire control group, lube it with a good spray lube and blow off the excess. Do not take the fire control group apart, you will probably wind up taking a bag of parts to your local smith for re-assembly.

  12. Jeehs

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    I have a newer model 60, It chuggs along through whatever ammo I feed it. Even old Federal Lightning 40gr. HPs.

    Only issue I have had was when I first got it and didnt clean it often enough.

    With that said, every 400-500 Rounds Mine will start to skip a shell, snap, or once in a bluemoon it will jam. Key Lesson- Good Cleanings with a Brush and some Solvent+ Minimal gun oil= Happy Marlin
  13. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    I've yet to run across a Model 60, or any semi-auto Marlin that I couldn't make run like a sewing maching in under an hour...

    Possibly the easyest semi-auto action assembly I've ever worked on...
    AFTER the first time, which had springs shooting across the room...LOL
    Once you know what's gonna sproing off in which direction & prevent it, it gets easy ;)

    There are some Specific things to do to every one, and I've found that by using those same techniques
    on other brands of rimfires, it makes them run quite nicely as well. Even a Squires-Bingham M16 ;)

    I fully credit my military training in teaching me how to get a rifle properly clean.
    That's the starting point. After that it's all in polishing the internals for smooth working.
    Well, one other thing...USE SOLID QUALITY AMMO!!! No RGB's for ANY reason.
    Remington makes the WORST .22lr ammo known to mankind.
    Great centerfire, lousy rimfire.