Marlin experts?

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  1. Bigcat_hunter

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    Any of you guys know where I can get a replacement stock for a Marlin model 989? I have searched, and searched with no luck. I am doing a favor for a friend and need to find a stock for him. Is there any other models that are compatible with a 989? Thanks.
  2. c3shooter

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    Check w/ Numrich- ( looks like there are a couple of close model numbers that should exchange. They run about $44 plus shipping. Have you asked Marlin?

  3. Hawg

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    Did you try gunbroker or ebay?
  4. Bigcat_hunter

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    That link led me to some.
  5. big shrek

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    If you are talking 989M2, HARD to find complete...

    However, there are things you can do...
    If you have the 989-M2 handguard, you're halfway home, just get a Walnut Marlin 70 stock,
    sand the area until the handguard fits nicely, and sand the tip for the barrel band to fit.

    If it's a 989 (with no M-2), any Old-style stock that fits a 70 (non-Papoose) will fit.

    Also, if you wish to Upgrade to a Boyd's Thumbhole stock, or any New-Model (post 1994) stock,
    use a DIP Marlin 795 trigger guard & trigger combo,
    as the OEM Old-style trigger guard won't go on the new model stocks.

    I'm actually surprised that one of the folks that has a stock duplicator hasn't made copies of the
    989-M2 stock & handguard & sold 'em for new rifles...folks would buy 'em FAST!

    One other final option...recently a guy took an M1 stock ($15 at a gun show) and fitted
    a Marlin 795 in it. It takes a fair amount of carving skills, but it can be done with nothing more than
    sharp chisels and a dremel for sanding :)