Marlin 922M aquired!

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    Finally got my grubby paws on one of these!!

    Marlin 922M (.22-Magnum/WMR) with Nikon scope!!


    Got to test it a little after polishing the bolt & giving it a good cleaning, shoots like a dang DREAM!!

    Next I'll put it up head to head against my Grendel R-31 in a Torture test to see which one can fire more ammo before FTE/Stovepipes occur...
    big headache with .22WMR semi-auto's...although my polishing process seems to solve that for around 100 rounds on both...
    of course, I gotta find time to get to the baby boys tend to put a screeching halt on range time...argh...

    Also, Boyd's Riflestocks has come out with a Camp 9/45 stock that also fits the 922M with a little mod for the mag release :D
    Temptation wears Nutmeg or Pepper Laminate...hard to decide... CAMP 9
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