Marlin 795

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    Just bought the Marlin 795 on BlackFriday... and was able to pick it up today after the background check system went down.

    Anyways, went to shoot it tonight and I had to manually open the breech for the casing to pop out and load a new one in it. This is suppose to be a semi-auto gun... wouldn't it shoot as fast as I pull the trigger; IE: the casing would pop out and reload a new bullet on it's own?

    First gun I've ever owned, so maybe I'm doing something wrong? Using the recommend ammo.

  2. big shrek

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    Did you clean it before shooting it?

    Oil in the chamber can turn gummy, causing a headache.

    And if the "Reccomended ammo" is Remington Golden Bullet...might be the ammo.

    RGB's, AKA Golden Bullsquish, are the worst .22lr ammo known to mankind.

    Get almost anything else, but preferrably CCI Minimags.

    Basic cleaning is as the manual clearly shows...
    DO NOT dissasemble the action, other than to take it out of the action housing and clean it.

    If you've never cleaned a rifle before, watch this vid...

    Once you get it field stripped, take a toothbrush/qtips/patches/etc and carefully clean the action.
    Use a clean toothbrush/qtips/patches/etc...once clean, take ONE DROP of oil on your fingertip,
    and rub it all over the action.

    Clean the chamber (end of barrel bullet goes into) with q-tips/patches, making sure no oil is present.
    Many folks run an oil patch thru the barrel first, let it soak in for an hour or two, then dry patches,
    one after another, until nothing shows on a dry patch. That means it's clean.

    Then re-assemble.
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  3. spittinfire

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    I've got a 795 and I haven't had a single issue. I would also reccommend a good cleaning and maybe trying a different ammo. I prefer CCI, they've always worked well in any 22 I've used them in.