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I'm suprized nobody caught this! There is NO SUCH THING AS A 10/22 WITH TUBULAR MAGAZINE. You have the Ruger 10/22 mistakenly mixed up with another .22 rifle. There never has been an Ruger 10/22 with tubular magazine. They ALL have (factory) rotary 10 shot magazines.

There's NO WAY I would choose an Marlin model 60 over a Ruger 10/22. I've had to fix too many model 60s over the years to like them. The actual interior design of the Marlin is inferior IMO to the Ruger 10/22. Granted Marlin HAS came a LONG way over the years, but still pretty much you are stuck with the luck of the draw-whether it's accurate/heavy trigger/etc. Also tubular magazines are slightly less safe IF that person loading forgets to keep bolt open while loading. I'd be willing to bet that once you got into it, you'll want to mod your .22 rifle for more accuracy or improved ergonomics.

By the way, it's not NEAR as simple to improve the trigger on an Marlin/ Glenfield model 60 as it is on an Ruger 10/22, and should be attempted by a qualified gunsmith ONLY ( Marlin model 60).

I'm leaning more towards the Marlin 60 because I like the extra barrel length and tubular magazine. Even though I have had extensive experience shooting the 10/22, an older version, one with a tubular magazine, I am still leaning toward the Model 60. I don't plan to trick out my new rifle except for a few modifications to the trigger spring to give a lighter trigger pull, I plan to keep it mostly stock.
Thank you all.
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