Marlin 60: New vs Old Preferences?

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  1. ICU

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    I'm speaking mainly of the post/pre automatic last-shot bolt hold-open, some call it an auto-lock for the bolt. Mid 80's it changed to the auto open feature with the last shot; anything I should consider between the two choices? I know capacity changed, then barrel length somewhere along the line too.

    I have a few around town in numerous varieties, and it seems to me somewhere I read that one is preferred over the other for some reason or another. Is the Glenfield a certain designation that means it will or will not be a certain way/year? Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks much.
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    Many years ago I bought a brand new Glenfield 60 & (Weaver?) scope combo from the local K-Mart for a whopping $69.95 that was made well before they came out with the bolt hold-open. It was an absolute tack-driver and never had a single failure of any kind. Several years later I sold/traded the gun for something else (can't remember what...) and eventually started missing having it around.

    I thought - No problem, I'll just buy another one. So off to the store I went to pick up another model 60. This gun had the bolt hold open, and sold for $99.00 without a scope. I added a Tasco 3-7x20 wide angle scope and headed for the range. This time I encountered a few jambs. A couple failure to feed at times, and although it shoots decent groups it isn't near as accurate as my old rifle was.

    Not to say this will be true in every case, but I have heard others say the same thing before. The only thing Glenfield designates is that it is Marlin's "economy" line of rifles.