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    hello all,
    I have a pretty old marlin .22 39a mountie of my father in laws that he gave to me to cycle since he hadn't done so in years (I believe it will end up being my 12 year old daughters 2nd .22 if she plays her cards right). Anyways we went out and fired it and it is a tack driver indeed except for a firing pin problem that goes like this... if you work the action it ejects and feeds shells every time but if you tilt the gun down hill the firing pin slides into the reciever and of course after that the hammer won't strike it resulting in nuttin...pick the gun up and out it comes and then it will of course fire. Looking at the exploded view of the pin in its place I see no spring that keeps the pin all the way back until you are ready to fire. After you work the action what is supposed to keep the pin from sliding in if you tilt the gun down?
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    I don't know, someone will be along shortly to help you out. BTW, that's a great rifle and worth keeping and handing down in the family.

    I wanted to welcome you to the FTF community. When you get a chance, head over to the New Members introduction forum and introduce yourself to the gang.

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    Best .22 ever made, in my very humble opinion.

    There is no spring to retain the FP on an original 39A. The FP has a leg that should keep it from over extending. I think you can see the exploded parts diagram on Numrich, unless they have removed that option.

    Do you know how to break down your 39A? Can you post a couple of closeups of your firing pin?
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    I have a Marlin Golden 39A Mountie. I agree. The 39A is the best .22 rifle made. Mine is 1967 vintage. I can only guess as to how many thousands of rounds I have fired through that rifle.

    The firing pin slides in a slot in the bolt. There is no spring to hold it in place. However there is a tab that extends down into a hole in the bolt that keeps the firing pin from going to far forward. If that extension on the bottom of the firing pin is gone, then it could go too far forward. The firing pin should not be so loose as to slide around just by tilting the rifle. Are you sure that is the original firing pin? Could someone have jury rigged a replacement for a lost original?

    Get on Marlin's website. You should be able to order a replacement firing pin for just a few dollars. It is very simple to install. Requires no tools other than a quarter to loosen the take down screw on the side of the receiver.
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    I have a '63 39A and a '67 39M. I got the 39A new as a kid and got the 39M just 4 yrs. ago. I put so many rds. through the 39A that the accuracy had fallen off enough I just had it rebarreled. Shoots great now.

    When I have fitted new firing pins to 39As, they tend to be tight enough to not slide and had to fit them a little to make them slide easier. They still don't slide due to gravity. It wouldn't be very difficult to tighten the pin up in the track just enough to keep it from sliding due to gravity.

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    Firing pin problem?

    I found an very old marlin 39 at the dump. ( rusted outside but the bore is still very good. A nice winter project...

    I finaly found the reason why it went to the dump... I can't open the action with the finger lever. When I pull the firing pin out with my nails, the gun cycles well. But when I release the hammer, the fp is going all inside the bolt and the action refuse to cycle...

    When I brake down the action, I can see that the firing pin is somewhat damaged. Apparently the finger lever is touching the firing pin blade at a wrong spot and is unable to push the bolt out when the firing pin is to far inside the bolt.

    Can you help me?

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    Yeah, replace the firing pin.
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    the underlined section might as well be red letters in the old testament.

    It IS THE finest 22 rifle ever. I laugh at the Henry rifles.

    My first 39A, given to me by my father, was stolen. I later found a 1978 in great shape that replaced it.

    +1 for Numrich.....if they dont have it, your screwed.
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    THanks a lot

    THanks everybody for the information. I added the Numrich's website to my favorites.

    I Know that the 39 is a super gun. Rought enought to be my new truck gun. Where I live, it's a must to keep one on the backseat. ( The ptarmigan season started last week. Already got 15 in my freeser... I hope to try my 39 as soon as possible.)

    By the way, if you guys want to come for caribou hunting, drop me an e-mail. ( Here are some crees outfiters way cheaper than the ones you can find on the web.)