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    I have a Marlin Model 38 that has been passed down four generations. It's only mine until April when my son is born, then it will become his. I've searched high and low on the web for a manual or instruction on dissassembling this rifle to clean it and haven't found anything. Anyone know anything about these?

    For those that don't know, it's a pump .22LR/.22S.
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    I think you'll have a few years after he's born to shoot it ;) Heck, watching you shooting it will probably make him more interested in it!

    Marlin Model 38 made from 1920-1930. Approx 20,000 were produced. Option of round or Octagon 24" barrel. (Hope it's the Octagon, they look nicer, IMO)

    Marlin & Glenfield | 38 | Schematic ain't real helpful...but it shows a few things, plus has a parts list.

    The Marlin 32 was the precursor (first edition) 1914-1915. Reportedly it was dropped from production because of metal shortages due to WW1. Oddly, even though less than 3,000 of the 32's were produced, the 38 is selling for higher :)

    I can't find a manual for either. I'd suggest posting on the Marlin Owner's Forum for assistance. Marlin Owners - Index

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    BE AWARE THAT THIS RIFLE WAS DESIGNED TO SHOOT STANDARD VELOCITY AMMO ONLY. use of hi velocity ammo will eventually break the bolt. it took me several broken marlins to learn this lesson.
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    Check out pages 460 through 467 in the book: MARLIN FIREARMS by Lt. Col. William S. Brophy The book should be available at your local library.