Marlin 336 scope suggestions

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    I got a marlin 336 for x-mas from my girlfriend and was wanting to put a decent scope on it ( not much more if not less than $100). I know im not going to be going for 200-300 yard shots with a 30-30 but would like suggestions for my rifle scope
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    Avoid the "My magnification is higher than yours" trap. You are looking for a good 4 power, 40 mm front lens, the brighter the better. A super high mag scope will have a smaller field of view (called "Where the BLEEP is the DEER?") and will not be as bright. Additional lenses inside the scope decrease light that actually makes it to your eye.

    You CAN hit Wally World and by a cheap Chinese scope- or actually spend some money for quality glass. You will be glad you did. There are some used scopes that are still in good shape that come up on frequently. I am partial to the Redfields, but Leupold makes great glass.

    i DO shoot some very high mag scopes- on rifles that shoot varmints at 500 yards. For deer at 200, a 24 power scope is a self inflicted wound.

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    Here is a nice Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32mm scope that should be great for your needs.
    Nikon 2-7x32 ProStaff Shotgun Scope

    You might even want to look at a striaght 4 or 6x scope as they are less complex to manufacturer and there for you can et a better quality scope for less money.

    Sightron are also good scopes and you get a lot of scope for not a lot of money.
    Sightron SI Series 3-9x40mm Stainless Rifle Scope SI3-9x40ST FREE S&H SI3-9X40ST. Sightron Riflescopes.

    Here is what I would go with myself if I were going to put a scope on a lever gun. I would go with one of these two weavers.
    SWFA Riflescopes Weaver Rifle Scopes Weaver Classic K Rifle Scopes
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    Try a bushnell trophy, or if you can get your hands on a refield go with the redfield.
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    I would have suggested a Bushnell Trophy, but I had to return the last one I bought. They repaired it. The turrets were not adjusting at all. I got it back and figured it would be good as a back-up. It ended up getting mounted last weekend on a 917V 17HMR. performed as well as my older Bushnell scopes. It is the 1st optic that I have ever had an issue with. 4-12x42mmAO.
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    What c3shooter said about magnifaction. If this is to be a hunting rifle I would recomand a 2 1/2X scope. The last deer I shot was with a muzzle loader wearing a 2 1/2 X scope and was at a lazered 289 yrds. and I did not feel I needed more power. If your going to use it mainly for target shooting but want to hunt with it a good 2 1/2 x 7 X scope would be ideal. If it`s for target only from the bench the more power the better. I also strongly recomand a Leupold. You may get lucky and pick up a 2 1/2 fixed at a gun show for around $ 150, but I would prefer to hunt with iron sights over a cheap scope.