Marlin 336 misfires

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    I've been trying to solve this problem for awhile now.

    It's a 1968 30/30 that looks to be in excellent condition. The primer is barely touched when it misfires. I tried some of these loads in a W94 and they went off.

    A new factory main spring was put in. I cleaned the inside of the bolt by soaking in Hoppe #9, Than used a drill bit, bristle brush, and cloth till it came out clean. The firing pin and rear pin were polished. I swapped out an old 336 lever and tried to fire two duds. One went off the first time and the second took two hits before going off. I tried to smooth up any burrs that might impead the rear pin from going forward. I took the little spring on top of the rear pin completely out. The headspace must be ok. I put some dead primers part way in 3 cases, closed the bolt, and measured.

    The firing pin protrudes plenty far enough. It does hang up a little bit when pushing it forward.

    I figure it is the rear pin, firing pin or both. I don't want to buy parts if it doesn't help.

    This has been posted on Marlin owners, and leverguns. Might as well try this forum.

    I still get 2-4 misfires 8 or 10 good ones than misfires.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks.
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    It sounds like the the firing pin channel needs to be cleaned out better or it needs a new firing pin to me. The firing pin shouldn't hang up at all. what about the rebound spring? If I remember correctly (it's been several years since I worked on a 336) it has a rebound spring that can get messed up and impede the travel. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. I don't have a 336 here to look at.