Marlin 30/30 or an XL7 .270

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by neil-v1, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. neil-v1

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    Needing some help. This week I am planning on making my next buy. I am looking for opinions on what everyone thinks is the all around better gun in a post SHTF situation. I am between a lever action 30/30 or a .270 right now. The gun would of course be used for hunting and also defense if needed. My big question is what ammo is the most widely used out of these two and easier to find if need be? For that matter, what is the most widely available rifle ammo period?? Does anyone have any opinions? Thanks for any help.
  2. dks7895

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    Out of the two, I would go 30/30 with iron sights. In a SHTF situation, you want something that carries easily. You also do not want a scope to fail or fog. The Marlin 336 also has a larger magazine that can be easily topped off. Any store that sells ammo will have 30/30 too.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    New Bedford, Rough area. The .30-30 is a classic here in the North east. Take a drive up to NH. I'll let you try a few and you deside. I don't have a .30-30 or a .270, but w/ what I have it will give you a good idea. Hunting w/ a rifle caliber is a no no in eastern Ma, so there may be better options, lets not forget SHTF, home defense.
  4. Lindenwood

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    Generally-speaking, for any defensive purposes I'd say the lever-action will better suit you.

    As a pure hunting rifle, the .270 will be more versatile (if you can use it where you intend to hunt?), but for a general-purpose rifle the .30-30 will probably suit your needs better.
  5. lonewolf101

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    the only thing about the 30 30 is it's limeted to maybe 150yards so I would go for the 270 a 308 would be less recoil.
  6. Lindenwood

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    The .30-30 can be used to at least 200 yards, especially scoped. A 150yd zero gives less than 2" of rise, and 5" of drop at 200 yards. Not varmint-rifle "flat" but it would still be very usable for hunting. For "antipersonell" uses, a 175yd zero gives 3" of intermediate rise, and 2' of drop by 300 yards. Now, 300 yards is a really long way for a civilian (i.e. not on the offense), but a 2' drop can be easily compensated for with a scoped rifle (aim at the top of the head, and hit somewhere COM).

    This is with 150gr bullets at an assumed 2300fps. With lighter bullets one does get a slightly flatter trajector from 0-300 yards, but you take a pretty good hit in terminal effectiveness. At 300 yards with a 150gr bullet it's about like a warm .357 at the muzzle. With a 110gr bullet you're looking at closer to something like a hot .38sp.
  7. hiwall

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    A 7.62x39 would be about equal in power to a 30-30 but ammo is/will be much more available. A .308(7.62x51) would also be an excellent choice which would give greater range and power compared to a 30-30 or roughly equal to a .270. not really any bad choices with any these calibers.
  8. spittinfire

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    If I were picking form those two I would go with the levergun. Carries well, points fast, follow up shots are quick as is reloading, well suited for hunting and ammo is plentiful.
  9. 300WSM

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    May i ask why you have to, or want to make a choice between these two?
    A shtf event pretty much screams AR or AK for the most part. So this is why im asking. ;)
  10. Gatoragn

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    If rifle calibers are legal to use for hunting in the area you plan to hunt, 270 and don't look back.
  11. freefall

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    I vote for the .30-30. Put a set of Williams Guide Receiver Firesights on it, you'll love it.
  12. mrb1982

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    I have a 270 I bought when I was 14 yrs old as my first deer rifle and still have it. Now I shoot a 7mm rem mag, but I am waiting on a Sendero so I am going back to my 270 again. To get to my point, the nice thing with the 270 is whatever the situation, deer, elk, antelope, anything like that, it's a great gun. Very versatile. Not saying that there aren't a lot of other good calibers, I guess I am just a prisoner of the moment I guess.