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    soi know i want a marlin sixty. ive been eying this one in the local GS this last week. howevermy only dislike is that with the synthetic stock it is very unbalanced. front heavy. but minus the heavy. i was looking for what you think. is it possible i could put a weight in the stock to help even it out?

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    Adding weight in the stock is no problem but I think you'll find it wont "shoulder" as well-

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    A lot of rimfire owners add weight to the 60 and 795 synthetic stocks to help balance them out a bit. They do the same with the bolt-action/synthetic Marlins as well. I've never had a problem shouldering one rifle over another whether it was a wood or synthetic stock, you'll adapt to the new balance point rather quickly. It would be no different than swapping the synthetic stock for wood, balance point will change and you'll get accustomed to it soon.

    You can check the forum linked below for a lot of Marlin information, it probably the best Rimfire site on the web and several members have posts/threads on adding weight to the synthetic stocks.

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