Marlin .22 having trouble firing

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    I recently bought a junker Marlin .22 bolt action at a show for $25 but I'm having a little trouble with it (as I expected). It will only fire about 1 in 5 tries or less. It gives a dimple on the case each time, but when it does actually fire the dimple is stronger. What could be cuasing these weak strikes (but not always). I've taken apart the bolt, cleaned it and oiled it, the firing pin looks good and the spring seems strong(?). I've also noticed that when I push the bolt handle down after cycling it, the cocking piece (the thing all the way at the rear) moves in a few milimeters (perhaps it decocks?).

    If anyone could tell me what the problem is and how to fix it I would really appreciate it.
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    What Model Marlin is it?

    Here is what I would try. Make sure that the firing pin and the area inside the bolt that holds the firing pin is clean. Then slightly stretch the firing pin spring and reassemble. What ever you do do NOT file the firing pin to make it sharper ( not saying that you would try that but I have seen a many persons do that to .22 firing pins thinking it would help.) The pins are case hardened and once you remove the hardened metal they are useless.

    By posting up the Model of the firearm we may be able to help further:D

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    Need a little more information?

    Is this a single shot? What model? :confused: