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    I'm trying to clean my lil .22 bolt action, but I don't know how to remove the bolt.. Does the bolt detach or us it fixed?? Is there another way to clean it with out removing the bolt?? Marlin is not much help because they don't have the guide to this model. Please help!
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    It is no problem to clean the little 22. Just as common sense be sure she is not loaded and keep her in a safe direction. You can use normal gun solvent and a 22 cal Cleaning Rod. 22 Cal. Bore Brush and Patches. *ALWAYS CLEAN FROM THE CHAMBER/BOLT END toward the front of the rifle. That way you will not have a chance of damaging the crown (Rifling's on the Rifle at the muzzle) Use the brushes first with a little solvent followed by the patches with solvent. When the patches are fairly clean, dry the bore and then put a little lube on a patch and run it down the bore if the rifle is going to be stored for some time between shooting it. Otherwise I never lube the bore unless it is going to be stored. To remove the Bolt from the Receiver you simply hold the *Trigger to the rear and remove the bolt for cleaning. And you must pull the trigger back and hold it to reinsert the Bolt. Clean the bolt and bolt face good with the solvent let her set for a minute to allow the solvent to work. Then dry the parts followed by using a good lubricant on it Like Break Free or other good gun lube. Just be sure you shake the lube up before using. Some of them separate when setting for a long time so just shake them to remix the formula.
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    Thanks ! I hadn't cleaned this rifle and I've had it for a bit takin to the range a bunch of times. Of course it is never loaded until I'm at the range and they require when u arrive bolt open and unloaded. The same when leaving too. I was taught by a exmilitary guy who was all about gun safety. But I had forgotten to ask him to teach me how to clean it! Thanks again!
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