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Marlin 1893

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I have a beautiful Marlin 1893 (built in 1902) in prime contition that I have owned since the mid 60's. I am maintaining it, in the same condition as when I purchased it so long ago. My question is, does anyone know what the original finish was on the stock and foregrip, i.e. varnish, shellac etc? In it's current condition, I wouldn't even consider refinishing it and I'm not looking for suggestion on what to put on it to maintain it, just what the original finish was. Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas.
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I know there's a Marlin owners forum and another called leverguns. You may have some luck there.

BTW, nice rifle. :cool:
They were varnished but I do not know the composition of the varnish. What caliber is your "93?
My 1893 is in 32-40. I bought it about 1965 in Vermont. Interesting point here......when I removed the steel butt plate, there was a small piece of parchment under it with a man's name printed on it. I assume it is a previous owner. I was a young man in those days in love with firearms of every description. I spent every penny I had and unknowingly at the time got my paws on some remarkable pieces. Being retired now, I have time to appreciate some of this stuff now.
Thanks. the 32-40 is a great caliber. Makes your rifle just a little more special.
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