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    I don't wont to become a scout sniper but I wont to be as accurate and be able to shoot from all positions like a scout sniper where would I go to learn these skills
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    Check into CMP 3 position matches.
    The NRA should be helpful as well.

    It's been my observation that if one can shoot well standing, kneeling & prone are easy in comparison. I shot Smallbore Rifle Silhouette for a few years as a teen. When I joined the USAF, kneeling & prone were simply a formality come time to qual w/ the M-16. YMMV.

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    ^^^^^ This!

    Learn to shoot offhand, and the other positions will take care of themselves.
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    Sorry, but I don't know of but one place to learn to shoot like a scout sniper but there is information on the web where you can learn some good fundamentals.

    Keep in mind though that are different situations that call for different shooting skills. A scout sniper is an expert at extreme long distance shooting. So you would need to learn extreme long range shooting skills. But the majority of shots are not extreme long distance, and you wouldn't likely be in a concealed prone position with a solid rest in most situations. In most situations you would need more practical shooting skills like those already described: standing (off hand), kneeling, and sitting.

    I would advise that you look up and practice all of those along with long range shooting.
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    A good reference for starters is the army sniper training and employment manual.
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    Coming from a competitive archery background(traditional/recurves/longbows,no sights)......shooting rifles offhand is kind of easy.

    You need to get the "basic's" down in whatever discipline,don't try to reinvent the wheel here.There has been,literally books written on the subject(googlefoo David Tubbs) and you won't live long enough to try anywhere close to what's already been attempted,WRT proper form.

    Once the basic's are understood.....they need to be practiced until its on a subconscious level.IOW' can do it in your sleep.It takes practice and DEDICATION.

    One bit of advice,the further you stray away from the basic's.....the further you'll have to come back to....when you get in a slump.Look at the basics as the foundation of a building.Think really big,truck sized boulders.As the building gets higher the pcs get smaller.A proper foundation(in this case instruction)is what you're trying to build on.

    Pick up a book or two off Amazon,David Tubbs is one place to start.Then google foo some NRA matches.Go to one.....see how you like it.Good luck.
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    Even if you don't attend, you can 'follow their program'. It's amazing how a sling can tighten up your group.

    I got a 10/22 TD this winter. Typically I practice offhand standing; and standing, kneeling, sitting & prone with a sling. I did change the iron sights through. One sheet of five targets gets me ten shots in each position from a 50 round box.
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    The military program for Snipers is extreme. Shooting of course working as a team with your spotter. The physical and physiological training is intense. :)