Maritime security - Armed .vs "non-lethal" !!!

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    With all the criticism especially in the media over talk of armed security in and around schools, it got me looking at other sectors where armed security is being used perfectly successfully...

    Here we have an excellent example of armed security, in this case at sea,

    Now on the other hand, this is what happens when you use a British "security":)rolleyes:) company that advertises "non-lethal" "security solutions" . You couldn't make it up, honestly. The pirates literally jump straight onto the ship and the "security guards" all jump off!

    Some interesting reading here,

    Notice paragraph four, the bit over the media being the first to point out if/when armed security may eventually be unsuccessful. I can't see it happening but aint that the truth, the media will be all over it then:rolleyes:.

    Here contains some examples of the hand wringing bet wetter idiot attitudes towards the use of armed security, even though it has proven itself successful and with absolute minimal loss of life and injuries.

    What do you think guys...

    This is how it should be, plain and simple common sense measures...
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    That would be a great solution, if you are expecting Somilian pirates in our schools.

  3. RemFire

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    Eh?. Thats not even the debate im really interested in, we've had enough threads on that, I just cant see where the idiots who appose armed maritime security are coming from.

    But it does seem that many people just object to armed security for no logical reason.
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    This is my lane here...

    I agree fully that we should be armed. My college has a maritime security class and GASP!!! They handed students AR 15s and AKs, and had us run drills.
    So the training is there...

    The problem is, most of these shipping companies, and their insurance companies are run by pansy gun hating countries. Norwegian, British, etc...
    They think paying a 10 mil ransom will stop pirates, but somehow well blow ourselves away if we have guns.

    The second and biggest problem, is that we're civilian vessels. Foreign countries see a vessel from a wealthy country, and use legal piracy to jack us up.
    I had our vessel boarded in Saudi Arabia and searched for porn.
    I've had Russian agents board and say things were 'too dirty.'
    You put an arms locker on a merchant ship, and your vessel goes to say... Colombia. Then they board the ship and 'Oh no!!! You're running guns!!! You're breaking the law!!!.... $1,000,000 fine.'

    What NEEDS to happen, is our leaders need to grow some balls and pass legislation that states, straight up...

    'American crewed vessels will be armed. Any countries attempt at thwarting their sovereignty while in American vessels will be met with sanctions and lost trade status with the United States.'

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    Stop trade with Colombia and Venezuela.
  6. John_Deer

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    It's not just a few countries. Legal piracy can happen anywhere, even here in the US. Shipping inspectors are like any other form of law enforcement, they want to find something. They want to write citations. Some countries like Russia are financially strapped, the inspectors have to earn their keep. Shipping companies have to look at this type citation as overhead. It costs to much to fight the citations and some countries will hold the ship in port until the matter is straightened out. If Africa was part of my journey I would have the best weapons I could find even if I had to throw them overboard when I got to Colombia.
  7. Mosin

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    We were in South Africa when we got word that we were headed to Madagascar, then Egypt, which means the Somali coast. We tried to get guns in South Africa, which turns out to be impossible.