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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by jsf343, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. jsf343

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    The AP used a photo of a dying Marine in a story yesterday. It has created a small firestorm. I personally think it is inapropriate and very disrespectful to him, his family, our country and my beloved Corps. Why use someone as a propaganda tool?!

    My point is this... It makes me really upset and I want to do something but what? I have looked for a way to get in touch with communists in charge to voice my anger but you know as well as I it will not do a darn thing.

    I am sick of the media magots. No tact, no respect.

    To my Marine brother who gave his life- rest in peace.

    Semper Fi
  2. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Who ever did this should be dropped into the middle of Bagahada and left for dead. Eff them and their newspaper.

  3. orangello

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    That was pretty low, IMO. I haven't seen many news photos of dying car crash victims and don't want to; those people die by accident, soldiers die serving their country.


    IGETEVEN New Member

    Sir, you are not alone in your thinking, trust me on this. I think the damn media has overstepped their bounds, many, many times and have been sticking their noses in and around events and information that should be left undisclosed for moral and security reasons.

    Not all news that the news media feels is "news worthy" IS, and most times there quickness to get it out and the lack of variable facts check, often causes it in many cases, to just become a public or political sh!t storm of controversy. :mad:

    Any of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, that have been lost due to any conflicts and the protection of this great nation, never will their sacrifices ever be forgotten.

  5. CA357

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    The AP was asked by the Marine's family not to publish it. They were asked by Marine Brass and I think they were even asked by Secretary Gates not to publish it. Yet they did.

    This shows lack of respect for our military and a complete disregard for their families.

    I think that most people understand that war is ugly. This was sensationalism with an agenda.

    Let your displeasure be known.

    God bless you and rest in peace Marine.
  6. Ubergopher

    Ubergopher New Member

    I agree this is a horrible act and the AP as a whole should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. layton

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    It is disgusting, think about the family watching it happen to a loved one, that definitely should not have happened.I did not look at it, I have seen it enough where I did not have a choice in the matter to last a life time and hope I dont have to witness it again.I know it wont happen, but I would love to see every single advertiser to pull all advertising on the whole corporate structure and everyone not buy any print or watch any thing to do with them, to me it is the ultimate disgrace to our armed forces.

  8. Jess

    Jess New Member

    the photographer also had pics of this Marine before he was injured, I wish she had shared those instead.

    my heart goes out to his family
  9. ktmboyz

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    There has been alot about this in the news here due to him being in a small Maine town. None of our local news channels or papers would show it out of respect for the family and the AP should not have either.

    That was a horrible way to smear the memory of a soldier that died serving his country. I can't imagine how the family felt seeing a picture of their sons lifeless body being carried away.

    If the intent of the AP was to show pics of war then they should have shown a picture of someone being saved by their brothers and actually lived to tell the story.