Marine Corps Happy 234th birthday!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by supergus, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. supergus

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    I have never been in the service so I could never even begin to imagine what it's like, but IMO it is almost exclusively because of our military that we live in the greatest country in the world, albeit still going through some growing pains. I always urge people I talk with to really examine and understand what our military
    has given us. Thank you Marines!!!
  2. dunerunner

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    Great post supergus!! I am happy to add my congrats to the Marine Corps!!

    234 years of Courage, Honor and Comittment!! God Bless you all!!


  3. Dillinger

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    Made a donation to the local VFW today at the store. Got my poppy for tomorrow. :)

    Happy Birthday to the most noble group of fighting men and women I have ever had the pleasure of drinking with & spending time with.

    Marines are still the only fighting force that staffs our Embassies aboard.

    I have mad respect for the Marines.

    Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!!!

  4. WDB

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    Thank you for noticing the birthday of the USMC, for most it will go unnoticed. For someone who hasn’t severed in the USMC it is truly a pleasure that you would point this out. Today lots of emails and phone calls exchanged with my bothers. One of the best was with my farther, I said happy birthday and he said Semper Fi Marine (to those that don’t know it means always faithful). My son woke me this morning and said “happy birthday”, my girlfriend had no clue, the local base didn’t celebrate the day as the Army base two hours away was giving respect to the Striker soldiers recently lost and the Vice President was there. Much respect to the Strikers, they are ripping a big hole in the azz of the enemy, just need to be better supported.

    I’m 3rd generation USMC; I did eight years, spent time guarding embassies, thought I seen my fair share in South America, Africa, Bosnia, Yemen and the first time in Iraq. I was wrong; my son is 4th generation USMC with three tours in Iraq. He has done/seen more in half the time.

    Call us devil dogs, leather necks or jarheads. The commercial calls us the few, the proud. That isn’t right all Americans are proud and we are not few. Marines are here to make that simple fact

    Tomorrow is Veterans Day, pay respect to everyone that that has served your country. If you don’t know someone personally then take a minute and find one, there are many. Thank them for all they have done.

    Once a Marine, Always a Marine
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    Semper Fi brothers!
  6. CA357

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    Happy Birthday to the Corps and all who serve or served.
  7. supergus

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    A big thank you is in order, for your service, and PLEASE Thank your son when you get a chance. Let him know there are a ****load of people right here who
    are proud of him. And tell him God Bless and stay safe!
  8. spittinfire

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    Thank you for recognizing the birthday of the USMC. My time as a Marine is fondly remembered. Semper Fi!!