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    This meant to be an update on my progress with the M-36. First of all, Thanks to all that helped me with education with this weapon. Among those would be Dillinger, Rent-a-cop, and the several officers at work, among others, all of which helped me tremendously. I went to the range with my 3rd set of 50 rounds, determined to take with me the lessons that you've all taught. Believe me, I concentrated with each lesson. I can't tell you how hard it is to put each together at the same time.. Breathing control, trigger control, grip, stance, composure. I gotta tell you, its work. I believe it's paid off and I'm very happy with today's results. In photo "A" I know what I did wrong..Too! much index finger, forcing me to use the Big knuckle (3rd joint) to pull the trigger rather the first two joint, causing "Low 7'oclock Hits. JUST! like Rent-a-cops videos he sent, said. When I settled down and concentrated on that, the shots in "B", became more consistent. Stance, breathing and the rest, put some decent numbers on the paper.. NOW!. although it doesn't look like much, when you shoot 15 rnds and hit the paper "Once", maybe twice! this is big time improvement. I not longer believe its the gun. My inspiration came from the encouragement of Dillinger and others. I believe the key for me now, its two fold. 1. I have to commit what I"ve learned to muscle memory intead of thinking about each lesson, and thats has to be with the addition of of few hundred more rounds..I know I can put them they're suppose to be now, if I do things the way I was taught.
    What I've learned:
    1. It's very important to listen twice as much as speaking, so talking doesn't interfer with learning.
    2. Its matter of putting the miles on with practice and yep! more rnds..
    3. 100 rounds of .45's goes REAL! fast and costs a small fortune, so I need to learn quicky and efficently before I have to sell the farm..
    Thanks again.l... My hats off exposing the Blad spot to all...Paul

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    Glad we were of help. Good going.

    ( in fun ) If you don't like the high price of .45 ammo, at least now you can understand why so many bank robbers have guns. They need the money to pay for ammunition. LOL

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    BaldPaul - Those are some decent groups given your time with the weapon. I think you have some raw skill there that can definitely be developed.

    Please keep up the practice, including dry fire ( with a safe & unloaded weapon ) at home, practicing on squeezing the trigger to the point where it surprises you a bit.

    Don't concentrate SO HARD on when the pistol will go bang. I think you are becoming almost too focused on that one instant.

    Dry fire practice will really help you in keeping the weapon on line when you pull the trigger at the range.

    Keep up the practice and keep up the range reports. This is a great learning process for everyone that is interested and I, for one, will be following your progress as you go.

    As a reminder, in case you need it, here is a shooting aide that you can print out as a target.


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