Man's Best Friend, and HD tool :)

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    So last night me and my fiance are laying down in bed, just starting to fall asleep, when one of my buddies comes over a little drunk and I think falls into the door *was just a thud and not really a knock* not knowing anyone was one the way over this made me kinda nervous. Immediately the dog is up and barking. As I laid in bed tryin to figure out what was going on I realized I needed to act, so I jumped up and grabbed my gun off my nightsand. When I go into the living room my normally calm and cuddly pitbull has her tail straight ib the air, fur on her back ruffled and teeth barred at the door. After everything calmed down and my buddy left I started thinking..had this been the real deal that dog did EXACTLY what its suppose to, gave me a heads up, and If need be that extra time to get to a weapon. Not are they truly man's best friend, but one of the best HD tools anyone could ever have :)

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