Mandatory Assault Weapons Buyback

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    Yes, there are folks in The Swamp that want mandatory gun confiscation. Turn in them for a voluntary buyback or face criminal charges.

    In an editorial in USA Today, Rep. Eric Swalwell proposed a mandatory buyback of all “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” without any “grandfather clause” for existing weapons or any deference to the Second Amendment — the sort of forced-confiscation plan that gun-rights advocates have warned about and gun-controllers have hotly denied they seek.
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    What's an assault weapon?

    Are there really only 15 million of them?
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    That form you fill out when you buy the gun, then the call to do a background check...the form never leaves the gun shop and the background check does not specify the firearm specifically, meaning there is no "easy to obtain" record of your purchases...the enforcement of that law would be virtually impossible and who knows, maybe some civil disobedience would take root....seems in my memory banks a few years ago, maybe more a state or city on the east coast??? did something like this and it was largely ignored...anyone remember that?
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    How much they gonna give me for my 1895 assault rifle?
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    Can't speak for other states, but I know NY's gun owners, aside from the handful that did in and around NYC, did just that. More than one person who has a black rifle, did not register it, unless paperwork already existed on it, mostly in the NYC area, where you have to have a possession permit to even keep one at home legally.

    i myself can account for a few hundred, that were not registered in my own area, a few of which by the same LEOs who told their friends not to register them, and as soon as I moved here, I had friends asking me about setting up storage, in my location, outside of NY.

    As a result, I have a few safes here, that I do not own. And they are inaccessible to me, as the contents are not mine. As friends retire, and move out of NY, that number dwindles.

    And yes, the Unsafe Act did mention storing them out of state, as being in compliance. However, it does defeat the registration part of the law, now doesn't it?

    I think the total was about 140,000 registered for the whole state. And some of the things registered were a f***in' joke. had I not relocated them to the place I live now, which I signed on a few days before the registration deadline, I would have had to register about a dozen firearms, several of which were .22's. A few long guns, such as my Mini 14 GB and my DE 357 would have had to have been registered as well.

    And yes, the second I heard it on the news, that the Unsafe Act had passed, the exit strategy went into effect.

    As to the forms from an FFL, they are obligated to keep 4473's on record for 20 years, at the end of which, they can, and some do, destroy them. No information about the firearm, unless you buy multiple handguns in a single 7 day period, goes to the FBI or ATF. In that case, a second (or third, as there is a state form for handguns here) form is filled out by you and the FFL, with copies for the ATF, you, the FFL, and the CSD, with the brand, model, caliber, when and where it was bought, and your information as well as the FFL's.

    And, under federal law, that applies even if you bought both at two different shops, any time during the 7 days. And those forms must go out at the close of business for the day, from said shop.

    now, to save needing to fill out the extra form, for both the shop and me, I often put one on layaway, and fill out the form for the other, pick it up, and come back next week, at the end of the 7 days, and pick up the other. That also limits the information out there on the purchase, to the general information from the PICS check, and what is on the 4473 at the shop. if it's one I don't get to often, then i ust fill out the extra form, as I'm not that paranoid about the feds knowing I have guns.

    Look at it this way. you are already in several databases, as it is. If you drive, own, and insure a motor vehicle, you are in a database. if you have a CHL, CCW, LTC, ect., you are alreeady in a database. if you rent or own a home, you are in the system. if you own land, you are in the system. if you have a pet, and got to a vet or need to license it, you are in the system. Go to school, have a regular doctor, have a bank account, own a cell phone, pay utilities, hell, if you were born, and are over 10 years of age, you are in more than one database. Same with voting, or financing something.

    that's just a fact of life.

    And I can add a few that will only apply to me for sure, maybe a couple others on here.

    I had a NYS Pistol Permit. I have been arrested. I have donated blood. I am an organ donor. I vote. I have been called for jury Duty, twice, in the last ten years. have owned and bred AKC registered dogs. I have been toi traffic school, regularly for over 20 years. I have had many hospitalizations since birth. my father was in the military.

    no matter what I still am data somewhere in the system, so i don't really sweat uncle Sam knowing I am armed.

    As to the OP, HRC was calling for Australia Style Buybacks as part of her campaign. So naturally, this one in the OP is not the only one willing to try for it. If they try to pass it, and it does pass, I wish them luck, because there will still be banned guns out there, and a lot of folks who will fight back, if they send out crews door to door to get them.

    I just hope that they put the politicians who voted for it right up front, so they can knock on the door, and announce what they are here for.

    as to guns the government don't know about, i am not so paranoid that I think they are pout to get me, but I am also, from growing up in the 70's and 80's as a marine's son, well aware of how they can f*** you. So, I may just have several they don't know about, or I may have none they don't know about. And that's all they need to know.
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  6. Chainfire

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    The business of "hiding" a weapon that is banned defeats the value of the weapon anyway. You couldn't take it to the range, you couldn't take it hunting, you couldn't show it off to your friends. If, God forbid, you used it in self defense, you would immediately be charged with a felony regardless of the situation.

    Some people have done similar things with machine guns. Who knows how many Stens were built on the uncut tubes, with the templates, that could be purchased from the Shotgun News and built with a hand drill and a file. However, those who have them are taking risks that I would never assume to have a gun I could never use. The BATF or the FBI will have you sent to serve a ten year sentence before you can say, "don't do it."

    People whine about laws, but for the most part, will follow them because the risks are unacceptable. Of course, I understand that does not apply to many keyboard 2A patriotic heroes, but most people will conform. I know I would throw mine on the truck and take the check.....Prisons are full of people who thought they could beat the system.
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    But all my guns are "military" style.... So basically I would have to give up all my guns made from WWII on??? I know they "mean" AR's buts its not a far slippery slope to a M1 Carbine or M1 Garand... Those are actual military rifles....
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    Wont comply with confiscation, wont go to prison.

    I dont see this becoming law in my lifetime. But if it does, in my part of this state few will comply or hide and it'll be up to fed officers to try to enforce.

    The tyrants have the same miscalculation of the national response that you just voiced.

    It's a dangerous assumption. One that if followed will be a domestic disaster.
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  9. towboater

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    what would you do if they come for your antique gun collection?
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  10. schnuffleupagus

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  11. Ghost1958

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    And cemeteries are full of men who thought they could fight the government.

    I sold a rifle once, never again...[/QUOTE]

    Some folks have learned the hard way there are several things worse than death.

    Losing our liberty is just one. Not even the worse one.
    The founders knew that.

    In much of the nation that tyranical crap won't fly.

    Besides, this is one fawning liberal socialist trying to stand out to what in reality is a minority of the country.
  12. Chainfire

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    I would throw them on the truck. I strive to let judgement win over passion. It has lead to a long and happy life.
  13. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    Some folks have learned the hard way there are several things worse than death.

    Losing our liberty is just one. Not even the worse one.
    The founders knew that.

    In much of the nation that tyranical crap won't fly.

    Besides, this is one fawning liberal socialist trying to stand out to what in reality is a minority of the country.[/QUOTE]
  14. Chainfire

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    Do you remember Waco?
  15. 303tom

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    I say they can just SUCK IT !....................
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  16. Ghost1958

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    Yep. Murder of mostly women and children by two rogue gov agencies.
    Incinerating women and children from a distance is a
    Bit different than disarming even say, even a couple hundred thousand Armed people who won't be disarmed, in your backyard and are legally resisting a illegal order of the gov.

    Remember Bundy Ranch. Even odds? Bawling sniffling BLM agents in court whining about being scared to death?

    Be a very difficult thing to get even most Federal LE to attempt such a thing. They by and large may be corrupt but they aren't stupid or suicidal.
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  17. Mongo

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    To make a legal purchase illegal after the fact is the case of infringement of second amendment rights.
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    Quote of the week. I would replace "seems to be" with "is".
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    Just my thoughts.

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