Manchester, VT Man Shot and Killed in Bed

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    Manchester man charged with fatally shooting friend - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

    Shooting Victim had been Shot Before

    I am pretty disgusted with this man. He said that he thought he was firing an "air gun" at his friend. He had already seen that this would injure someone, from shooting him in the leg, so he decided it would bounce off his chest?

    The story says Bell is a native Vermonter. It is shocking to me that he has absolutely no knowledge of firearms safety. I don't know if he really thought this was an airsoft gun (even though they must have an orange muzzle), a bb gun, or just wasn't thinking, but I hope he goes to jail for a long while.
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    Callous disregard. Get a rope.

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    I live in Vermont and through work, have read the police reports on this. Above all this guy is an idiot, bottom line, and alcohol MAY have been a factor. Just saying...
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    I remember an incident where a man shot his hunting partner out of a tree stand. Claimed he was shooting at a deer. In a tree??? Turns out the partner was having an affair with the shooters wife.