Man Shoots And Kills Burglary Suspect

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    A man shot a crook overnight, after officers say he arrived home to find him in their apartment.
    The burglary suspect later died at the Med.
    Police do not intend to charge the victim with any crime.
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    (Memphis - 12/28/2007) - "It's so bad around here and i'm just afraid for my safety," says one woman we spoke to as she stepped outside of her apartment and saw crime scene investigators. Police were combing her neighbor's apartment following an alleged burglary attempt that ended in gunfire. Rhonda, who didn't want to give us her last name or show her face on camera, says crime at the Camelot Apartments has driven her to leave.

    "I was already in the process of making preparations to move, but this has done it. This has given me the right to make the decision to just leave here," Rhonda says. A little before 5:00 this morning, a woman returned home and caught who she thought to be a burglar in the act.

    Lt. Tony Armstrong, a homicide detective with the Memphis Police Department, says, "The victim called her boyfriend. Her boyfriend came over and investigated, found him inside the house and shot him multiple times."

    Medics took the suspect to the hospital where he later died. Police spent several hours later combing the apartment for more evidence. We're told the man who shot the suspect did have a state gun carry permit. It's likely the man who shot the intruder will not face any charges. Neighbors like Rhonda agree with that decision.

    "People work too hard to make a living for someone to just come in and take things, your personal items or to invade your apartment like that. I think it was justifiable," she adds.
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    1 down, a couple hundred thousand to go. If more got shot, there would be a deterrent to the crack head/meth fiends. They would still steal but they would be much more careful.

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    The guy should get a medal and a year's supply of ammo. This should be awarded in a public ceremony so all can see it's a GOOD thing to shoot criminals!!
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    People never learn, I love going to the NRA site and reading all the stories similar to these. I have to say though I feel sorry for the families of the burgulars or robbers who are killed. To know their loved one died in a senseless act of crime. Not only do they loss a family member but have to deal with the fact they died doing something totally stupid and illegal. That's a big pill to swallow.