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    I was out shooting my MAK 90 Saturday and after about sixty rounds of Wolf military classic it stopped working. It will put a dimple in the primer but apparently it is not striking it hard enough. Any advice would be appreciated, by the way I did get some red sludge out of the bolt when I cleaned it.
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    Sounds like one or possibly both of the following problems.
    One, you may have experienced a pierced primer, and a small round piece of the primer either gets stuck to the FP tip or in the FP hole. That will prevent FP from striking a primer hard enough to set it off, but it will look dented.
    Two, the red gunk you got out of bolt and on FP may have hardened up with heat and slowed FP just enough to prevent ignition.
    My bet is on the first one, but you'll never really know unless you look at all your empties for one with a hole in the primer, and/or find that little piece of primer inside bolt or possibly in rcvr.



    Hello all


    Well I'd have to agree with the good call of the previous poster! Check the firing pin, for the obstruction, Hell, Id take the bolt out, take that all apart (If you know how) and dunl the entire mess in some good cleaning solvent! It's possible you have enough gunk, grit, dirt and what not in thier to be stopping things from hitting as hard as it should?

    If all the cleaning goes OK and you still have the Problem, time to start looking at replacement of the firing pin, the Mainspring, as well as inspection of all the fire control parts before you do any replacment as you might have grit and dirt fouling up the lower parts that are not letting the mainspring, make the hamer hit the primer hard enoug? The good news is, none of that is too hard to do, and can be fun and easy if you take it slow and consise?

    Please do some/all of that and get back to us? It's not often an AK of any kind stops working? Let us know OK< WE wan to help and get your Mac-90 back shooting [email protected]