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  1. Cory2

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    just out of curiosity (i think i spelled that wrong) is the atf or batf or atfe or whatever the hell they call them selves now gonna kick my door down if i make my own semiautomatic firearm? how about a muzzle loader? or a bolt action?
    im not suggesting im going to do this so no need to tell me how insanely unhealthy it is to make your own guns. im just curious
  2. spittinfire

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    I am not a lawyer and I do not know the laws in your area but my understanding of this issue is that you can make anything that you can legally buy. This excludes anything full auto even if you have the license to buy them.

  3. Cory2

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    i live in tn so basicly the only laws there are are federal laws. but thanks for the info nonetheless, i just remember when i was younger i painted this old ww2 navy vets house and he showed me a .50 cal muzzle loader he was working on making. also showed me some picks of a couple transport ships he was on that were sunk, really cool guy, his name was clyde and his dog was named bonnie.
  4. robocop10mm

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    There are no restrictions on making muzzle loaders as the ATF considers them non-firearms. You can get kits or fully functional muzzle loaders via the US mail.

    As far as building a semi-auto or bolt action? This too is legal under Federal law as long as you are building for yourself and not selling to others.

    Make sure you are not building a firearm that is illegal in your state/municipality. You would probably get crosswise with Kali if you built an AR-15, even though it is legal under Federal statute.
  5. WormDirt

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    If i made a gun they wouldnt have the chance to knock down my door... the thing would probably blow up in my face
  6. skullcrusher

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    Like others have said, check your local laws. For any firearm you manufacture yourself, make sure it meets the minimum barrel and over all length of legal and NOT Class III. You can never sell it. I have no idea about passing it on to family in the event of your death...

    This is not legal advice, this is just some guy (oops) a 12 year old redheaded girl with freckles and braces opinion.

    Like Robo said, if you can buy it leagally, you can make it legally as long as it is yours and yours only.

    But, I am curious as to why you ask?
  7. c3shooter

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    Not to be placed in the stream of commerce- (no sale- EVER) you can build anything you can buy. No short barreled, full auto, suppressed, destructive devices. It can be a muzzle loader, single shot, bolt, semi-auto, pump, lever action or whatever. It CAN be bequeathed to a person that can legally own that type firearm.

    As far as Federal law goes. State laws vary. You will not find a Federal law that says you can do this. Laws tell you what you may NOT do.

    If you want to, it is legal to take an anvil and a nail file, and make a 1911A1. Out of the anvil. Just takes a while with the nail file.
  8. Cory2

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    thats good, that should go in the quotes thread. what about if i used a companies cnc machine to make the parts? is that legal or do all of the parts need to be made by my self and my own property?