Making your daddy proud! Talented young shooter "The Iron Maiden"

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    What a talented young woman! Just an all-around great story and bio...

    BaytownSun news,

    ‎"The .50 BMG Iron Maiden"
    At just 90 pounds, petite, golden-haired 17-year-old Michelle Chestnut doesn’t look like someone who would have earned the nickname “The Iron Maiden.” Michelle Chestnut shot a 291, the highest score of the 2011 FCSA World Championship match at the NRA's Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, and also the second smallest aggregate of the match of 9.29, both in Unlimited. Michelle shot scores and groups that, if treated as an adult, would have won the Unlimited Agg, Unlimited Score and the Two Gun Aggregate. Michelle was using the TenX 795 grain match bore rider bullet and RWS primers and brass.She took the world championship in 50 BMG last year. Her scores beat most of the adults. She is sponsored by Barrett and Schryver Gun Sales. She is only 17 or 18 but has been competing for several years.

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    Congratulations to Michelle Chestnut. What a great young woman.

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    Guys I may have just found my future wife!!!