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    Hello all. I am planning on moving back to my home state of New Jersey in the upcoming year for a job opportunity. I am moving FROM Pennsylvania, and in the time I have lived here, have built up a rather sizable collection of firearms. I am aware that the laws are a very different in NJ and need some advice on what to do. My last resort would be getting rid of any pieces of my collection.

    The ones in question are my rifles. My AR-15, WASR 10/68, Sig Sauer 556, Remington 700 sps...

    That is an accurate and diverse snapshot of what I have aquiered.

    My main concern is what I need to do to make them NJ compliant. Any help or advice is grasciously appreciated.
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    New Jersey bans "assault weapons" that were not registered prior to May 1, 1990.
    You may own them, just can't bring them into New Jersey.

    no offense and none taken

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    How close to the Pennsylvania border is your job?

    Could you commute from PA?

    Got any friends in PA?