Making my 500's action smoother

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Scratchammo, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Scratchammo

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    My cruiser is a pretty good gun but about 30% of the time it takes a little more bicep to rack it back after firing. What part do I need to smoothen out to prevent that?
  2. Werminator

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    I don't have the time in with a 500, but I found that my 870 was doing that too... I put some Remoil on both of the slide arms and inside the tube that the foregrip wraps around. I then put a little in the receiver where the bolt seems to possibly make a little contact. Lastly, I gave a quick spritz of Remoil to the part of the receiver where the pump arms come in and slide. Now the darn thing just about glides... Much much better... I then oiled the outside with Hoppes as it is a thicker oil and adheres fairly well to prevent rust...

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    If you want to get into gun smoothing, invest in a hard arkansas stone. If a stone looks like a sponge, it's too coarse. Use it with oil to knock off any burrs and to flatten out the high spots especially on the circled parts. The bolt slide is usually the worst. Then apply a good lube like Triflow or Breakfree.

    Realize that what you are doing is applying years of wear in a few minutes. Moderation is called for. Just a few strokes to knock of the burrs is what you want. Resist the temptation to think that if three strokes is good, then ten is better and that 30 would be perfect. If you decide that 50 would be the "Ultimate" then you can turn new, unfired gun into a worn out, unfired gun in an hour.

    Just a knock off the burrs and a few strokes on the shiny spots. That's all.