Making A Tactical Accurate.

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    Here are the steps to making a Tatical shoot. They should work with any model.
    Mine has done a best of .92", 5 @ 100 yds just using the following mods.

    First thing I did was to bed the action. I used Brownels steel bed because it hold up very well to the shock of the rifle shooting and does not crumble or compress as many others do. You will need to really rough up the stock to give the bedding something to bit into.
    I also made pads under the front lugs to give support with the beding.

    Once the action is bedded, go to page 2 and read my post on bedding the gas block. The important thing is before you put the bedding compound in, the barrel and gas block must not be touching the ring of the gas shield.
    The gas shield should be fastened securly in the stock.
    Once the bedding is put in, the gun needs to be put in a cradle where it can rest on the forend. The gas block must find it's own center in the bedding compound before it hardens.

    Next, strip the gun down to the barreled action and send it to "300 Below" to be Cryo treated.
    Have the crown re cut by a good gunsmith and have a good trigger job done.
    A good trigger is a huge help in shooting great groups.

    Next, polish the barrel with a patch on a jag that will fit very tight into the bore and polish the bore for about 5 Minutes with JB Bore Shine. If you feel any tight or rough spots, work them until they are smooth. Do the polishing prior to having the crown re cut. You are going to want to protect the crown from any and all damage.

    Add a front buffer, a smaller gas bushing and a decent target scope and go shoot some really good groups. Give it a try. The above combination really locks the whole gun down so it shoots repeatable groups and the Cryo will keep the barrel from walking shots, even when quite hot.
    Keep the bore from becoming copper fouled.

    My .92" group was shot with a red dot with a 1 MOA center dot. The rifle even shot handloaded green tip 62 grn bullets that are not supposed to be the best shooting round, 5 shots, 1.17" @ 100
    The rifle shoots everything from 55 Grn to 69 Grn bullets with very good accuracy.

    Any Questions, just ask, John K
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