Making a pistol a carbine

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    I've been considering getting a mechtech or something similar to convert my glock to a carbine. If I do this, does that mean I can't turn it back into a pistol without getting a tax stamp? I think it does but wanted to see if anyone knew of an exception or reason why this would not violate the law. If you think it can be done legally I would appreciate a link to something that can back it up.

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    Yunus - First off, what is up with your avatar brother? Seriously... LOL

    Okay, there is something you need to understand here.

    With kits like the Mech Tech, you are not "permanently" altering your weapon. What you are doing is trading some parts for others.

    You aren't "illegal" with the pistol, because you have a legal pistol.

    You aren't "illegal", in most states, when you make the conversion because you have a "full length" barrel and stock.

    The Mech Tech kit isn't a "weapon" - it's a kit that you interchange parts to enhance your weapon.

    From their website:

    Legal Alert: Our product is not a firearm by legal definitions. The product is for sale to California residents under limited conditions. Although the product itself is legal, as we understand things, the resulting combination with a pistol frame becomes illegal under California law. If you are a CA resident you should be aware of this and it is your responsibility to observe CA laws. At this time we know of no other States where the combination is not legal but we caution everyone to become aware of relative state and local laws. We are not attorneys and can give no meaningful advice on these matters.

    Now, you need to check laws in your state. Brett ordered one of the Mech Tech kits for his 1911. Truthfully, it was a neat idea, but it wasn't that impressive in performance.

    The frame goes into the kit and remains the same, but the operation is with a 90 degree to frame bolt handle off the side.

    Accuracy was improved over the 5" barrel, but it wasn't on par with other 16" barreled rifles.

    For a SHTF conversion kit that can give you the chance to drop game, protect the perimeter and still be capable to switch back to a side arm, it's a good choice if you only have one weapon and need versatility.

    Outside of that, it's kind of a waste of money in my mind.


    Sorry, I don't have the patience to file through all the laws concerning legality, I am just not in the mood. :eek:

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    The avatar is a Glock, that has a few accessories on it.

    Your answer is exactly what I was looking for. I need to make sure Maryland laws are not going to be broken but what you say sounds right about the federal stuff, it's the non-permanent change that I wasn't thinking about, that's the difference. I asked for the legal stuff because I didn't want to get someone I have never heard of saying, yeah it's legal with no explanation.

    I'm not 100% sold on it, I can probably get a Hi-point carbine cheaper than the kit. I did want to avoid using this kit and then in the eyes of the law basically not having a pistol anymore.
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    With the Mechtech CCU, the only parts of your glock on it is the lower frame and magazines.
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    The Mech Tech is the Glock equivalent of the Thompson-Center pistol/rifle rigs. The basic rulings were worked our years ago.

    If I start with a pistol, and swapped out the 5 inch barrel for a 16 inch barrel, ATF has no problem with it. All I have put together is a pistol with an absurd barrel. If I now add a stock and meet the minimum overall length for a should-fired firearm, all is still cool.

    OTOH, If all I bought was a stock for my pistol, then I have assembled a short barreled rifle (SBR), and I'd better have my $200 tax stamp in hand.

    Mech Tech is a combo stock and long barrel, so you're covered. If you are contemplating any other method of converting your pistol into a rifle, just remember the correct order of business.