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    I have a mossberg 4x4 bolt action chambered in a .270 win. I like the rifle but find that the stock is too flexible for my liking plus I am growing out of the all black military look. I would like to find a good wood stock for my rifle that is made to fit, properly floated and all. If I have too I might make one someday but as of now don't have the necessary tools or supplies. So does anyone know where I might be able to buy a stock or what type of action comes on the Mossberg 4x4?
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    Take a look at either Boyds Gunstocks or Richards Microfit stocks. Should have a stock for the rifle. I'd look at Boyds first and then Richards. Boyds seems to have a better reputation for service and makes a good stock. I've used both brands in past. Both are inletted pretty decent to fit, but will required final fitting and finishing.
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    i too was going to suggest and recommend Boyd's Gunstocks. i have bought two so far, one for a Savage M93r17 and a Marlin XS7. these stocks are great and are decently priced. i was very impressed with them and will be using another one in the near future for another rifle. try one out, i don't think you will be disappointed it it.