Making a new barrel for a Walter Olimpia pistol

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    Dear gunsmith's,

    Excuse me for my bad English first!

    c3shooter told me some of you can tell me what can I do if the chamber of my old Walter Olimpia pistol is completely broken. I cut it off at all and now I need to make a new one instead. Now the barrel is shorter with 25 mm (1 inch) than the original fabric ones.

    In this case I need to make a completely new chamber, not just to repair the old one with a Liner (for example - 770-100-022 or similar).

    So here the questions appear.

    In this case do I have to extend the diameter of the barrel with any specific tool (for example - Liner Drill 361-504-008 or 361-504-000) and than to use a Bentz Finisher Reamer (for example 513-050-016) for making the chamber or, I can make the chamber only with use of the Bentz Finisher Reamer?

    Can you tell me in this case what kind of tools I need and what are the steps of the operation to create completely new chamber?

    Thank you in advance for your attention and help!
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    Deleted. I just found the original thread, so this one is redundant.
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