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Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by trip286, Nov 4, 2011.

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    So a while back I was going through a knife sharpening thread, and remembered someone saying that they've polished the edges of tools with a cardboard wheel on a bench grinder. Now that got me to thinking, and I made a cardboard wheel to attach to my dremel. It didn't sharpen too well, but it's one hell of a cleaner, I use it all over the place.

    Now I'm polishing a knife for a friend of mine, and was just wondering that since I strop my razor, what about a leather wheel for sharpening and polishing? So I took a belt and cut 2 discs out of it using a quarter for a marking stencil. So far, it doesn't seem to be working too well but even the felt polishing wheels seem to need a little breaking in, so I'm going to keep running it a bit to see if it needs a little break in too.

    So the whole purpose of this post is because I was wondering if anyone else has done any makeshift attachments, what are they, and how well do they work?
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    Good post.

    There are a lot of specialized tools now that some fail to see other "potential uses" for such tool.

    I used it (using a diamond lapidary bit) to sharpen my bandsaw blades and more than paid for itself in just a few of those. I also use it to carve wood using burr bits. Like you, I've used it to polish old folding knives using the felt buffing pads and some jewelers rouge. For heavier application, I have a buffing wheel mounted on my bench grinder/sharpener as well. :D

    My wife & I used to carve gourd and I needed a really small cutter (so I can make tight turns) and I can't find one so I made my own bit out of aluminum soda can mounted on a mandrel. It worked very well. I didn't really need it to be very sharp since the gourd is soft enough and the speed takes care of it.

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    Raw leather has a rough grain,even if you don't see it with the naked eye, Try reversing the leather or the direction and it will work.

    I also love and can't think what life would be like without my "Dremel" tool.

    I am always looking for other ways to use it.
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    Leather wheels work very well with polishing compound.
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    If you would like some free grinding wheels for your dremel look no farther than a cheap cigarette lighter. Take an empty lighter(not a Bic) and remove the wheel that rubs on the flint to make the spark. This wheel is very hard and makes a great grinder in a dremel. The Bic lighters won't work but all the rest are great. As a bonus you get another coil spring to throw in your junk box.

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    You can go to a shoe repair store and buy a piece(s) of
    leather up to 1/2" think. I use 1/4" for my Dremel and it
    makes a great buffing wheel. I use a protractor to draw
    the circle I'm to cut with a utility knife. Use will make it