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    being new to the gun game myself im really out of the loop and doing everything i can to get educated and smart about everything i can

    during this go i plan to get 2 assault rifles BUT a pistol and shotgun at a later date

    the 2 guns i wanted to get were the Barrett M468/Rec 7 which i have heard all good things about the gun and the maker so i still do plan on getting it and also i was going to get a Heckler and Koch G36k but many people have told me how the business and "civi" side of HK is horrible on top of it taking an extremely long time to get your weapon from them, so i may just go the AK route or something im not fully up on all weapons i want to be before purchase so its in the air

    my question is this, do you all here on the forum like Barrett as a maker and would think the M468/Rec 7 was a quality product even though it might no be your favorite, and how do you feel about Heckler and Koch? i like the gun but it seems many people only have bad to say about them would u agree or would you go for a HK gun?

    and last are there any specific firearms and makers that you would back as being good under your personal opinion and view as a good way to spend your money towards a firearm for the value and quality?
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    I like Barrett weapons but I can ill afford them...Hell I can't even afford to go look at their products on their web site and thats free