Make ABSOLUTELY sure of your shipping information!

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    I ordered a scope and rings from a company, and paid for UPS Ground shipping. They refunded my money and canceled the order due to the rings not being in stock. I said fine, I have rings, just send me the scope, was confirmed on three separate e-mails. NOT ONE E-MAIL SAID ANYTHING ABOUT CHANGING MY SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS! See, here we have PO Boxes, not direct mail delivery. if you put the physical address on the package, it doesn't go through with USPS, gets bounced back to shipper. If you ship UPS/FedEx, you use the physical address, not the PO Box.
    I paid for UPS Ground, and used the physical address. So the shipper changed it to UPS Mail Innovations, where UPS delivers to the nearest major Post Office, and they deliver from there.
    Coincidentally I have the e-mail confirming the order for the scope...on 4-30, not shipped until 5-3. The bold on the estimated delivery date is mine, the rest is copied from the UPS page just a few minutes ago.
    I contacted the shipper when I first saw that they had screwed up the shipping, and that it was going to bounce. They said the only thing they would do is get the item when it returned, and resend the same item by UPS Ground at their expense. The shipper only two days ago allowed that they may have made an error, and allowed me to submit a claim to begin processing on this item, which really isn't lost, it's just unstoppable. I have been talking to a Postal Inspector who is just as confused as I am, has actually seen a picture snapped by one of the machine cameras, and the return address is plain as day.
    The long and short of it is I have neither product nor funds, and am not assured of receiving either. I can also state, and the Postal Inspector agreed with me - a 'scope in the tender mercies of Parcel Post for close to -a month is not likely to be in usable shape.
    It wasn't expensive, but I did want it, wanted it to test the short rail on the wife's rifle. I am not posting the shippers name yet, as they said Thursday morning it should be 24-48 hours to get the "claim" processed...I'll even give them Monday as a holiday. After that...
    I will likely never order from this outfit again.
    The moral of the story is, make sure the info is correct, even AFTER you put the order in.

    The above was originally posted May 25th. Since then the package has returned to Phoenix twice more. I have instructed the Postal Inspector who has been following this to make sure that when the package is finally stopped that it be returned to Optics Planet. I had to contact them to request an update after the 48 hour timeframe had expired. I was told they need another 48 hours to "process my claim". This is unacceptable, and I have requested an immediate refund. I will also never do business with this organization again, and I will instruct others to avoid them. This is how they treat me for a $34 dollar scope, nothing real expensive,can't imagine what would happen if it was something truly expensive. By way of comparison, I ordered a large shipment from MidwayUSA some years ago, and a bottle of Hoppes came op-en during shipment, damaging some items. MidwayUSA had replacement items enroute the day I called them.
    I have been told the Post Office will be asking Optics Planet for postage due on this item...
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    Just one more reason not to ever order from Optics Planet.
    Your's isn't the first shipping problem that I'm aware of.

    Beside's,There are plenty of other good vendors that have better prices and service on optics.

    I ordered 3 sets of rings from them once,only to find out they were out of stock.It took over 2 weeks to get refunded,and then 4 1/2 months later they charged me for the rings again,and shipped them to me without even asking me if I still wanted/needed them. No more Optics Planet for me!

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    i use either MidwayUSA or MidSouth Shooters Supply for most of my firearm related items. have had very good luck with both, fast shipping and decent prices. only had one time in several years that they made a mistake and they were very quick to correct it at their own expense. so anytime i need to order online and they have it, they are the first choice.
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    Same experience with both of these companies. I'll even pay a little more just to have the peace of mind these two offer.
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    The refund finally occurred, over a month after the shipper got everything all fouled up. I wash my hands of them.
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    I have had similar problems with this sort of thing, I too have a PO box. The post office won't deliver anything (even though they know me) without a PO box number and UPS, Fed Ex want a physical address. I try to include both when I order something, although it has been a fight sometimes to get the online order form or even a live agent to accept both a PO box and a physical address. Some live agents have no idea what method their own company will use to send my items! I have had times when the online order form accepted both the PO box and the physical and everything seemed to be okay, only to find that the company I ordered from dropped the PO box and then shipped via the post office. Lots of fun!! Midway, Midsouth, Sinclair, Grafs, 21st century shooting, I've never had a problem with them, their shipping labels include both the box and the physical like I submit them. As for Optics Planet I quit dealing with them when like TXHillbilly they jacked me around on a purchase. Good luck!
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    They tried to make some hay over it, with a company representative posting a public reply on a thread on another board, months after it was all over. When I refused their "generous offer" of essentially nothing, the moderator at that forum locked the thread and told me I was unreasonable. Oh well. I have my scope from another local source, shown here. :)