Mak 90 stock replacement

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    I am looking at a mak 90, but I do not like the stock and want to change it if i get it. Is it legal or even possible to change it from the thumbhole that is on it to a tapco collapsible? Also since this is a preban does it have us or foreign made parts on the inside? And is it legal with foreign mags? Thanks
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    I was wondering something along the same line. I have a mac90 but have an ak pistol grip and stock (not installed but I had it on the gun with no issues). I've heard in one case it is illegal and once that it was ok. I'm assuming any ak stock would work on the mac but I'm unsure of the legality of it. Anyone have any insight?



  3. laynejc

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    I have read that it will have to have all of the 922r compliance parts. I just used a file and shaped the stock to my hand.
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    It's a retarted law, seriously just by having some different gun furniture on your rifle makes it a "evil" weapon which makes it illegal yet it changes nothing in the way it performs.
    So if you change some internal parts to US made parts it legal? okkkk yea whats the big wup?
    Not going to see any trouble over this unless you are holding massive number of guns failing to comply to this or if by chance it was used in a murder might be a extra charge they could stick to you. There's not set penalty I've heard of on this.
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    RE: MAK-90 conversion

    Be careful here:

    Check your rifle as to the type of receiver before ordering ANY furniture. MAK's were imported with straight cut and angle cut receivers, stamped or milled. Knowing what youve got is very important before ordering furniture!

    The MAK receiver (stamped) is 1.5mm thick, vs. 1mm for eastern bloc manufacture. Typically, Yugo, Bulgarian, Romanian etc. stocks and forends WILL NOT FIT A MAK-90. The Chinese barrels are also larger in diameter, a consideration if you want to change the forends.

    Go to for reasonably priced wood sets specifically for your version of the AK.

    You need at least 6 US made parts to be compliant to legally convert from the butthole stock to a pistol grip. Some have purchased a US made FCG, with a single hook hammer. These parts are vastly inferior to the Chinese hammer and sear originally assembled in the rifles. Chinese hammers are a gold/bronse color and have the double hooks and are extremely durable. MAK 90's are known for having the best trigger pull on an AK pattern rifle.

    Unless you are going to parade your rifle in front of a BATF agent, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Ethically, we should all be compliant to the existing "law" no matter how absurd it is.

    There are still a few MAK's out there that were imported in the early 90's that are considered a "machine guns" by BATF. These Norinco receivers have the "third hole" for the auto sear drilled through the receiver just above the mag release. Even though they simply have a "pin" through this hole, they are completely illegal. A user may "drop in" the full auto FCG, remove the stop from the mag release mount to allow the selector to travel in the full down position, and badda bing!-a class three weapon.

    Anyway, be very selective about what you order when converting the MAK's.