Mak-90 and 922r compliance

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    Hello, im sure this is a subject that is touched on much, however whenever i read the forums there is so much debate. So im just looking for a few answers.
    A chinese Norinco Mak 90, pre-ban, was gifted to me by a guy who doesnt like russian style weapons. I know that it is a standard Mak 90 Sportster with no illegal third hole. It is completely stock everything, all the pieces match the serial number, gun was checked out and its a clean gun.
    My question is, what i need to make sure what not to do the make it illegal. I hate the thumb hole stock, and i currently use tapco 30 round mags with it. I plan on replacing the stock with synthetic pieces because i hate the thumbhole stock.
    This concerns me because i read alot of forums stating import guns arent allowed to have assault weapon items like folding stocks and bayonets. But this also confuses me because i can go to a local big sportsman store and buy an Ak with folding stock and such right off the shelf in a hour.
    Basically my question is what can i not do to my gun, and if so why cant i if i can simply go buy a assembled gun as such.
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    You might check with a local dealer who handles the Kalashnikov (AK 47 Style) Weapons he can advise you about South Dakota laws.
    But most of those laws were regarding the years 1994-2004. The Brady Bill which was a total failure. Since only about 1% of all crimes in the USA were committed with a tactical type weapon. In normal conversation I refuse to use the words "Assault Rifle" because being semi-automatic they are not Assault Rifles! Shows how stupid the Brady and anti gun people are! But never the less normally unless you live in the socialist states of New Jersey, California and some of the other eastern liberal states the Brady Bill "By Law" expired in 2004. So as long as you keep it a rifle you should be able to put an AK Stock kit, Flash Hider and other accessories on it in South Dakota without any problem. You still live in what I consider one of the original and traditional United States of America areas.