mak 90 922r compliance

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    i know theres a law that says if you convert a mak 90 back to a pistol grip configuration that you have to have at least six american made parts on the bun for it to be legal, but my question is will you really get in trouble for not doing that? i mean, think about it, say you get pulled over and the cop sees the gun and asks to check it out(run the seriel number and what not) is he gonna be familiar with the law and if so is he really gonna have the gun checked? and even if he does and its not compliant are they really gonna prosecute you soley for that? somebody help me out here.
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    Sect. 922r is the last remnant of the Assault Weapon Ban. Yes, it still is law. If you have more than 2 of the dreaded/evil assault weapon features (Detachable high cap mags, Flash hider, Bayonet lug, Protruding pistol grip and collapsable or folding butt stock) you can have no more than 10 imported parts. There is a list of parts that are counted, I just cannot find it right now. The exact number of US parts varies depending on the firearm.

    922r is a Federal law. State and Local LE do not enforce it (although you might run into an overzealous yokel). The real risk is if you are forced to use the rifle to defend yourself. Once it is in evidence the ATF will likely be consulted about the rifle's legality. THEN you have problems.