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Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Bigguns911, Dec 7, 2009.

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    I know this will sounds crazy and like something people that have gun experience would not do. But if me giving this info out keeps one person from hurting themselves it is worth posting

    Recently I observed the aftermath of a person attempting to drill out a 6MM round out of a bolt action rifle. The round got stuck for some unknown reason. The gun owners attempted to push the round out using a rod with no luck. They then pushed the lead back into the casing. They put a large amount of oil down the barrel to lube up the casing, still would not come out. The owner then believed he culd use a drill and drill a hole NEXT to the primer. he removed the bolt and stock and secured the rifle. Due to drilling very close to the primer he had his face and body close to the breach area to see what he was doing. From what I understand he was going to make a hole so he could put a slid-hammer in and pull the round. As he drilled the primer went off and BANG. The casing, drill bite and other shrapnel came back into his body, face and eyes. Needless to say he is in very bad shape.

    I know at first most of use would not dream of doing this. But I can see where he was coming from and what he was attempting to do. In my and most likely his wildest dream this could't happen. I have seen other posts regarding round getting stuck. I don't know what is the best way to get a round out but I do know this was very damaging to the victim.
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    Thanks for taking the time to give a heads up!

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    Now that's just damn sad. What the Hell is wrong with people?
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    Sadly this sounds like a do-it-yourselfer that is probably fairly intelligent under most circumstances, that was trying to save a few bucks and not take it to the smith.
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    I recently had a 270 shell get caught up... I used my Hunting Knife and caught the Lip of the shell and got it out easily. While that may not be a very reasonable way to get it out of a Semi-auto, (The Rifle I used was a bolt action) It worked for me... But If it gets caught in the gun and you cant get it out by simple means, Dont be a Dumb-*** Take it to a Smith. Becuz he tryed to save what maybe $20? And now hes probbaly in critical with his face tore up and Will be paying Thousands in Medical bills.
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    Ohhhhh....that was not real smart. Kinda like checking the gas tank with a Bic Lighter:eek: Best to do what Jeehs said. I hope the gentleman recovers well.
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    One more reason to wear safety glasses at all times. Yeah, I know, even I don't do it...