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    i have seen several threads on mailing handguns and they have indicated that usps will do it from private home to manufacturer for warranty purposes... i went down to the post office and they said no way,, have to be ffl... is this correct????
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    The Post Office doesn't allow firearms or ammunition to be mailed. UPS or FedEx are your choices. You may have to ship overnight as well, call them and check.

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    You can go to the Domestic Mail Manual on line and look it up- However-

    A private citizen CAN mail a RIFLE or SHOTGUN to a FFL, or to a manufacturer for repair, and have it returned to him. It MUST be going to a FFL if crossing a state line. You CAN mail a rifle or shotgun to yourself at another address (say for hunting trip out of state). You can also mail a rifle or shotgun to a non-FFL if you are both in the same state

    Live ammunition is not mailable. Period. Brass can be mailed.

    HANDGUNS may not be mailed EXCEPT by a FFL DEALER or MANUFACTURER. I am an 03 FFL (Collector) and I cannot mail a handgun. When a handgun IS mailed, a Form 1508 must be completed at the post office, attesting to the RESTRICTED MAILING.

    Non-FFL folks may SHIP a handgun by common carrier (UPS or FedEx). THEY require that you use next day air. Since that will run you about $65 for the average handgun, you may be much better off to find an 01 Dealer, and pay HIM to mail it for you- he can legally use a flat rate mailing box in the US Mail.

    For anyone that figures they will play "Don't ask-don't tell" with the Post Office- please remember- The US Postal Inspection Service has the highest conviction rate of any Federal Law Enforcement agency.