"Mailing" a Handgun Out of State

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    If this is the wrong forum, I am sorry (sort of).

    What do you know about legally shipping a handgun to another person (not an FFL) out of state via UPS?

    Must it always be to an FFL, or a recognized (factory) service center?

    In this day in age of terriorism, I fear that I could wind up on a government meat hanger by just doing something out of ignorance.

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    That would be an ATF violation. You must find a FFL Licensed Dealer in the individuals state that will receive the shipment, and do the transfer to the individual receiving it. This law also applies to rifles and shotguns. There is normally a fee they charge for the transfer processing. Unless the guy you are shipping it to is a close friend of the dealer. Also UPS also has guidelines on shipping a firearm.


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    I know someone who recently shipped their 1911 to a warranty center. The person called the warranty center/gun shop who said just ship it UPS, use the on line service and only use the gun shops initials so the driver or someone doesn't get sticky fingers seeing it's going to a gun shop. So the person shipped it 2nd day for about $30 with insurance.

    A couple days ago I saw a post where someone said it has to be shipped overnight and you have to declare that it's a gun. :eek: Oops! Good think it was someone other than me shipping it.:cool:
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    Perhaps, for educational info, this might be a good time to relate anyone's experiences/knowledge of those who made a mistake in improperly shipping a (hand)gun without following "procedures." God forbid that any of us make a valid mistake by violating laws innocently but get burned over it. This may be my first time trying to do so; so perhaps others can learn by what I am about to go through. Bring it on gunnies!
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    Summary- With very few exceptions (inheritance being one) when OWNERSHIP of a firearm is being transferred across a state line, the firearm must be shipped TO a FFL in the recipients' home state. When you are sending a gun TO a repair facility, and the same (or a replacement) gun is returned to you, there is no transfer of ownership. You can also ship a gun to yourself (going hunting in Montana, send your rifle to Big Sky Lodge, hold for guest C3shooter) Again, no transfer of ownership.

    Shipping- a private citizen can MAIL a rifle or shotgun by US Mail. Again to a FFL is crossing state line, ownership being transferred. They CANNOT mail a handgun. The CAN ship a handgun by UPS or FedEx, which requires Next Day Air, adult sign, which is about $70-$75. You can take it to a FFL (dealer) who CAN use US Mail for a handgun. May be a lot cheaper,

    For anyone that tells you "wink wink nod nod, just list it as machine parts, drop it in the mail"- yeah, sure. Know what Fed law enforcement agency has the highest conviction rate? Postal Inspection Service.
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    My thanks to all who replied.